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Monday, August 07, 2006

Earn Respect

The latest on the vote situation...

After the veto ceremony, Kaysar had a private moment with George in the Storage Room, and asked for his support. George told him they were very much alike and that he really likes Kaysar.
George: Kaysar, I want you to know that I remember that you wanted to protect me, when the whole house said nominate Chicken George.
George promised his support, and he shook Kaysar's hand. I strongly believe Kay will have George's vote to stay in the house.

They're giving Kaysar the run-around for the moment. I'd like to believe they will vote to keep him, but if they do, it will foil their plan to be rid of Danielle next week, as she will know the alliance she has with them is bs.
Kaysar: I talked to Will about keeping me, and he said he was cool with it, just talk to Boogie. So I talked to Boogie, and he said he was cool with it, just talk to Will.

Janelle's trying to suss this one out for Kay.

A bit later...
BUG ROOM - Kaysar & Janie

Kaysar: Danielle has been campaigning to keep James.
Kaysar: I think James was happy when Erika wasn't going to give me a vote.
Kaysar: James thinks he has Erika, Chilltown and George, plus he has the Nullify an Eviction Vote. The floaters think they have George, they've been trying to work on him so hard. They've been working so hard to get him out of the house.

Kaysar: You earn someone's respect, no one respects her that why she's come every single week knocking on the door. You have to earn people's respect.

    ***I think he's referring to Erika, but I'm not positive.
Moving ahead to...
Janie, Kaysar & Howie
6:30pm BBT
Janelle: We've got Chill Town. They want to to make Marcellas cry on the live show.
Kaysar: They (the floaters) think Chilltown will vote with them. They think they have the numbers now.
Kaysar: They're trying to turn James and get the whole house against you two (Howie and Janie). They want to get rid of me, because they know I'm closer to you two. Erika told me....she's like, "Well you're closer to Janelle and Howie." I've been good to her, given her respect, and this is how you treat me? She was like "I don't know what to do. I'm gonna go ask Danielle."
Janelle: She's pathetic. She's Busto. (to Howie) Don't be nice to her anymore.
Howie: Marci is 100% done. I'm going to tell him in the Backyard after the victory.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, please let Kaysar pull it off! I want him to at least make it to the jury so that we can keep looking at him!

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Meemma said...


Sing it sister! (Doh! I assumed you are female).

Even if you're not, I'm still down with your statement.

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Kaysar too, but I really want James to stay!!

7:50 PM  
Anonymous Meschel aka Kaysars Lesbo said...

Okay, sooooooo I am 100% behind the whole chill town/ bb6 alliance..what was the sov4 is officially the sov3 in my eyes. James straight lied to janie, kaysar, and howie in the bug room about 30 mins ago. Saying that he basically told dani "Why the F*%$ did you nominate me" and supposedly dani was like "dont cuss at me" Bc he said he hasnt talked to dani, but janie busted him out saying "you were in the backyard" James is lying as usual.. atleast he hasnt sworn on the bible yet.
Dani should of offered Kaysar something to keep him and put marci up.
My whole thing is... Chicken Georgy is OKEE DOKEE with MEE!! As long as he votes for the only man in my life..which is kaysarrrrr

8:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, that is why Howie and Kaysar and James should have tried harder for the HOH...

8:14 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

whoa that's interesting news... if james goes he's going to be PISSED lol... i'll feel so bad for Sarah!

8:19 PM  
Anonymous ekmurf said...

This whole thing nauseates me. I keep thinking about the infamous black widow celebration which was soooo sad because Dani had to beg Erika to get down. Real tough. More like black daddy longlegs. Ugh. Erika, of course, capitulated because she is a GARBAGE player. Now Little Miss "TeeHee-Could-the-World-Handle-a-Muslim-Jewish-Wedding" is all voting for James. Yeah. Kaysar can't wait to get you out of sequester. Go eat something you pole. I think if my KayKay doesn't get that Coup d'etat, which is not even clearly available in time, he's toast. But, if by some minute chance, Chilltown comes to whatever senses they have and vote out James, I will NEVER stop laughing when the door hits his lying ass on the way out and Dani follows within days. Mwahahahahahaaaaaaa.

10:05 PM  

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