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Monday, August 07, 2006

James & Dani

Oh boy.. this is another smoking gun for the James-Danielle alliance, just in case anyone had forgotten about it. I'm actually not so sure it's much of a commitment on Dani's part, but to him, it seems to be so.

10:45 BBT
HOH ROOM - James & Dani
    ***Dani's on such a rant, she might as well still be alone in the isolation room.

Dani: Does anyone in season 6 attack me on a personal level?
He doesnt want to tell her.
James: They may say bitch, but they don't attack you.
Dani: Who called me a bitch?
James: I don't want to tell you, because I don't want you to say anything.
Dani: Just tell me. Was it Janelle?
James relents.
James: Yeah, it was, but please don't say anything.

James: I so wish that Janelle could go home, instead of Kaysar.
Dani: If Kaysar had played for veto and won it, I would have had to target someone else, because I couldn't put up Howie. I told him that, too.
James: He should have thought of that.
Dani: I told Kaysar that his team had the votes to decide every week who gets to stay and who goes home, if I didn't get one of them out of the house now.
Dani: Who are they to say that I have to play the game this way? They say they don't like Marci and dont want him in sequester, because he would vote personally, and I told Janie if that is so, it would be a vote for her, and Janie said "Oh yeah, thats right".
Dani: I had an answer for every scenario that they threw at me. They ask, why would I take a risk like this when I am weak and exposed.
Dani: They dont know that i have backup. I looked right at Janelle and told her that there is still veto.
Dani: If Janie was smart, after this, she would call a truce. Janie is underestimating me.

James: Janelle is either lying about her points or lying about the veto.
Dani: It doesn't make sense.
James: Janie told me that she was not lying about the veto.
Dani: Who is it, then?
James: I don't know.
Dani: I asked everyone, and when I asked Janelle, she didn't say anything.
Dani: Oh my God, she can't compete in veto next week.

James: Do you really trust Erika that much?
James: Erika came and apologized to season 6 for throwing the HOH comp... saying she never would have done that if she had known that it would put them in danger.
Dani: She is smart like that. I know about Erika, but I'm not worried about it.


Dani: Season 6 asked me if I had an alliance, and I told them yeah, I have one person.
James: Did you say it that way "one person"?
Dani: That is what I said.
Dani: They assume it is Erika, and I am fine with them thinking that.

James: I love the going back and forth and the craziness of this game, but Kaysar is the one person from my season 6 alliance....
Dani: I don't want him to go home either, I like him too, but Kaysar has never committed to me. If he would have, but Kaysar told me that he wanted to see how the game was going to progress...
James: Kaysar likes to look at the future.
Dani: I play in the here and now. My original targets had been Jase and Marci.

Dani: I told Janelle that she better hope she has enough votes to get me out next week. I think that Janelle thinks that she does have the votes, but I don't think she does. i think that Janie is counting on Chilltown's votes, and she doesn't have them.
James: Are Chilltown alliance members?
Dani: They are secured votes right now, and thats what we need.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK- so is Dani really wanting James to go and just playing him really hard.... or what!!! I just don't get this game! I don't know why I would... every year it is the same thing... you just never can know for sure what is going to happen!

8:43 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Exactly... that's the beauty (and the frustration!) of it... ;) We'll just have to wait and see.

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So in a while ago post, when Will was talking to Janie about getting James out instead of her so she could come back and get Danielle out, do you think that was Will being manipulative again, or was it just to butter Janie out??

SO confusing!!


9:44 AM  
Anonymous cindy said...

I tried to send you a message but Myspace is being funky. I haven't seen this posted anywhere, but I am wondering why in the world Janie and Kaysar aren't questioning (even if in their own minds) why James isn't more pissed at Danielle for nominating him. I mean, all they focus on is being mad at Marci and Erika because they thought they were their friends. Well, have they forgotten that Dani was supposedly James' friend, yet she nominated him? Why aren't they suspicious!? argh!

10:00 AM  

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