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Thursday, August 03, 2006


Well, Dani's HoH and for the past 30 minutes, she's been discussing her options for who to nominate in the red room with Boogie, Erika, and Chicken George. Janelle is an almost certain nominee. What remains to be seen is who will go up next to her. Howie and James' names have both been tossed around. Howie seems a bit of a surprise since she guaranteed him he was safe, but her logic, "I didn't say I wouldn't nominate him, did I? So I haven't really lied."

James is an even bigger surprise, since it has seemed that she and James have had an alliance since early on... Her logic for putting James up is that he wins veto comps, and he's an even match for Janie in terms of size, height, weight and competitions.

I'm rather in disbelief that his name came up at all, but I hope this clears up any doubts for James about who his real alliance is... who's been keeping him safe, regardless of who else they chose to nominate.

OK.. now for Janie and the boys. She and Kaysar have been sulking in the bug room pretty much since the end of the comp. She knows she's going up, and Kaysar believes he will too. Howie joined them - he feels safe, so not sulking, and then James joined them as well. They haven't been strategizing much. At this point, they seem to be in a deep funk, just accepting fate, for the moment.

At some point, the Sov4 have to remind Danielle that they fought for her week 1, and they've kept her safe ever since. If anything can save one of them from the block, I think this is it. Even then, Janie's recent "weak player" comment is probably a lot fresher in Dani's mind.... again, even more the reason to remind her why she's still in the house at all.


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