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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Janelle's HoH Blog



Hey guys! Wow what a crazy week. I swear each week I'm in this house it gets more and more complicated. First off.....I should have just thrown the HOH competition to Marcellas. I knew I was safe with him. But it's too difficult to throw competitions. I love to win. I felt a lot of pressure from the house this week to get rid of Chill Town. Although getting rid of Chill Town would have benefited most of the houseguests, I felt it was not a good move for me strategically. I really believe this is the best possible option for me. Diane is a really sweet girl, but getting rid of her leaves a bigger target in the game: Chill Town. I hope Diane can forgive me one day. I hope she realizes it was all just because of the game.

Playing in the All-Stars game is SO much more difficult than dealing with the NerdHerd. Every week is seriously stressing me and the rest of the Sovereign 4 out. Getting yelled at by Marcellas and James was no fun either. I've been really sad all week for nominating Diane and Erika. I hate hurting people. Again....last year was so much easier.

The highlight of my week was getting my pink room! Is it not the most obnoxious girly foo foo room you've ever seen?!? I LOVE IT!!!! Marci and I call it the pink palace. Another highlight of my wild week was staying up all night with Kaysar, talking to him and working out without anyone bothering us. I missed having late night conversations with Kaysar! He's amazing.

Ok... now for the shout outs!

Hello to my Mom, Dad, Nick, Travis, Angela, Ron, Grandma E. All the Pierzina family and friends who support me on the show. All the supporters out there thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Naters, Beau, Jessica, Dina, Karla, Laurel, Joey & Mike. Girls at Tantra! What's up! xoox Taylor, Zack, Bridget, Emurph, Dingo Hamster watch, Jayne, Cassidy, Will, Hossoc, ColleenLover, Mocha Frap.

And a special shout out to Mr. Big D. Love you miss you!



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