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Thursday, August 03, 2006

HoH Comp Clarification

I noticed tonight in the chat rooms there was a bit of confussion as to the prizes and rules for the HoH competition. To clarify things, here they are verbatim:

The object of Caught in a Web is to be the last person hanging.

There are five golden eggs. Three contain prizes:
A slop free pass good for one week and is transferrable to another HG.
The power to cancel someone else's eviction vote, good for one week.
The other two eggs are rotten.
The first five to drop off get an egg.

The Rules:
Go underneath the web to grab a hold with your arms and legs. Stay out of the red zone in the middle. Must grab from underneath, you can move around on the web but if any part of your body touches the mats below you will be eliminated. You have to get up on the web. Nothing can be touching the mat.

How the game played out:

1st person off is: Will. He picks a rotten egg.

First rule change: The Houseguests must now have their bodies below the rope and may only
hang onto the rope with their arms and legs.

2nd person off is: James. He picks the egg containing power to cancel someone's evection vote.
3rd person off is: Boogie. His egg contains $10,000.
4th person off is: Kaysar. His choice was the second rotten egg.
5th person off is: Marcellas. Picked the egg with the slop free pass.
6th person off is: George.
7th person off is: Howie.
8th person off is: Erika.
Danielle wins HoH.

Julie also announced there will be a Coup d'Etat - you can overthrow the HoH at a moment's notice. (This however was not one of the prizes in the eggs.) We will post as soon as we have more information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the BB update. My friend got me back on the BB fix this summer. I'm liking it and thanks again for the update.

12:17 AM  

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