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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Eat a Dick

BACKYARD - Everyone
BB: Houseguests, the lockdown is over you may go inside.

Chicken George: Let there be something inside.
Boogie: Like a bathroom.

They go inside. Seems as though BB was just messing with the HGs, sending them outside for an hour at the very hottest time of day.

George: Nope nothing going down, sorry about getting you all worked up.

Will: I'm going to lay on the couch all day.
Janie heads for the ant room. Will follows.
Will: Well, might as well go to bed all day.
Janie: OK. (smiles)

They both get into thieir beds, and then decide to flip directions, so they can face eachother and chat, so they put their heads where their feet used to be, lie down on thier stomachs and talk and look at each other.

Will has his covers up over his back and on his head and is peeking out a Janie. He grins at her once in a while

Both say that they need back massages.

Will: There are definitely crickets in here.
Janie told him earlier that they come in to feed the spiders during the lockdown.

2:40PM BBT
BACKYARD - Erika & George
Erika: (working George) I really like being with the older guy in the house. It's like with Jack, we were 100% committed to help each other.
George: (working her)I'm glad I came in. I've made lots of friends now.

Talk moves to where he might go next, what work he will find. George talks about Deal or No Deal being in Vegas for tryouts. He thinks it would have been so much fun.

2:47pm BBT
BUG ROOM - Janie & Will
Still flirting over their pillows. Still not touching.

3:12pm BBT
DINING ROOM - Will, James, Erika (at Kitchen Bar)
The HGs got a craft kit. Will and James are sitting at the table. James is reading the directions, and Will is cutting up some clay.

Erika is sitting at the bar eating. She's finishes and goes to the table to help with the craft.

Will: I ask for something to do and they give us 4 pieces of clay. That's insulting!

Erika: I want a pottery wheel so we can make stuff and bake it.

They are making a sign that says "eat a dick."
James: They might not be able to show this on the internet.
Will: I dont care, I could care less.

Erika: (laughing) You guys thats not funny.
James: But you laughed...

Will: Dani, there's a message on the table for you.

Dani comes to see, looks and laughs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh that is too funny...

5:42 PM  

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