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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Fasting till Midnight

9:30-10:00am BBT
Weight Room - James and George
weighing themselves...

Chicken George: What's for breakfast today James? Oh I forgot... you're all eating with me today.
he laughs.. All the HGs are on slop today.
James: I'll take some coffee. God, how can anyone survive on this slop for more than one day??

Chicken George joins Dani in the Backyard.
They're talking about the special power and when they will know.
Chicken George: We won't know until the live show.
Dani: It's just a game.
Chicken George: It is what it is.
Dani: So are we all fasting until midnight? Is that the plan?

James joins them.

James wants new sleeping arrangements once someone is evicted tomorrow.
James: If Erika is the one still here, I wont be able to sleep in the red room.

He wants that bed for himself.

Danielle: Do you think Sarah would mind?
James: The problem is I can't ask her if she would mind, so if I feel like I should ask her, and that means she might mind.
James: I might have to change my vote dependent upon sleeping arrangements.
(talking to an imaginary Erika) I'm sorry. I had to vote you out, because I needed the bed.
George: The couch in the red room seems pretty comfy.
James: It must be... Marcellas has been sleeping on it for like 4 weeks.

James: I'm just gonna tell Erika that you (Chicken George) told me to vote her out.

They all laugh.

James: I'll love everyone once I'm out of the house, but I can't right now. Still, I just can't help liking you, Chicken George.
George: I am who I am, and that's all there is.

James: I keep hearing from people, like Dani and Erika, that I'm not the jerk they thought I would be. It hurts my feelings.
Dani: What?
James: Yes, that's right... I have feelings.

Danielle is called to the DR.
As she's leaving, James tells her she looks so pretty... she did her hair and makeup while everyone else was asleep this morning, thinking they would be voting today.

George: Last night was such a crazy night.

Erika enters the backyard... then Boogie.

James: Boogie, are you gonna change your clothes this week?
Boogie: Yeah. I'm even going to take a shower today. It's Wednesday.
They laugh.
James: Erika, you've been evicted to the Ant Room.
Erika: Come sleep with me.
James: I am just trying to be respectful to Boogie's girlfriend...


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