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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


8:50pm BBT
BACKYARD - Will & Janie
Will and Janelle, snug in the hammock.

Will's delicately pushing the "Marci out" agenda. Janelle's just letting his words soak in and take root.

Will: All I want to do is make you happy.
Jani: I'll do whatever you want.
Will goes on a cleverly worded little rant about how much he hates Marcellas.
Janie laughs.
Will: You have a great sense of humor, don't you?
Janie: You're funny.

Lots more giggling and whispering...


Will: The whole house was against Season 6 from the beginning.
Janie: No way.
Will: Oh yeah, the whole house thought it was wrong for so many of you to be in here.

A bit more chatter, then Will re-launches the Marcellas train...

Will: I hate Marcellas. Hate him.
Janie: Why?
Will: I just hate him.

They leave the hammock.
Will joins Danielle and Chicken George in the hottub.

Will, Boogie, James, Howie, and Janie in the HOH room talking now...
I'll have that ready for you tomorrow morning in the overnight reports...
It's a doozy...


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