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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Danielle's been up for a while now, but the rest of the Houseguests just got the wake up call...
This post covers 9-9:30am BBT

9:00am BBT
Bathroom - George and Danielle

George is brushing his teeth.
Danielle: Chilltown told me to tell you that you need to vote to evict Erika.
George seems not to buy it.
George: What's up Dani.
Danielle: (shrugs) What's your input, George? What's best for you?
George: The only thing I know is that Marcellas tried to sell me out in the game at one time.... and I'm just wondering why they are switching this out now, at the last minute.
Dani: I think they're trying to make it a tie, so Janelle is forced to be the tie breaker.

Boogie just joined them.

Boogie: Janelle's aliance is very wishywashy. You should vote out Marcellas.
    ***George is so confused... they are giving him opposite info.
Boogie: Will and I will vote out Marcellas. If you two vote him out, then he will be gone. I'm not with Janelle's alliance anymore.
    ***Now I'm as confused as George

Boogie: Worse case scenario, it will be a vote of 4-2, with marci being voted out.
Marci is cancer, and it's better to get the cancer out now.
George: Okay, lets do this.

Boogie: Okay, no more discussion is necessary. This is what we are doing.

Boogie sticks around to update Danielle about lasts night's big meeting in the HoH room...
Boogie: I made up a story, saying I was playing Erika... that I was dating her before the show just to get control of her...
Danielle: I can't believe how bad you two are... all the lying.

Boogie: Will told me this morning that he was up until like 4am with Janie and Howie... and at last count, they had flipped back and want to vote out Erika. Boogie: James will probably vote with Janelle and Howie, so he keeps faith with them (to spy), and the worse case scenario would be a vote of 4-2.

George is showering.
Howie & Janelle are still sleeping.
Boogie and Danielle are chatting about how great their game play is... and bad mouthing Howie and Janie.

Dani: Howie will panic once votes are revealed, and he won't do well in the HOH competition.


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