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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Helicopter Drop

Helicopter Drop
*WARNING TO PRODUCERS* (Spamgirl note added)

"Apparently, a couple of fans are putting together a "Helicopter Drop" that will be very similiar to the banner planes of Big Brother season's past. In the next 14 days this helicopter will hover around the house and drop the package of fan messages to all the houseguests.
***Users Beware: This could be and most likely is a scam for 10 dollars.***

I hope the producers are keeping a watch out in the skies. I certainly don't want our super duper secret alliances to be ruined by fans.

Spamgirl adds: Producers have spotters for planes and helicopters, and (as rumour goes) have paid off all local banner companies to warn them before any banner flies (the banner company WILL still take your money though :). If they see a helicopter coming, the hamsters go back in the cage, even BEFORE this situation arose.

IF anything was dropped into the house, the HG are informed to get inside quickly - how are they to know it's not a bomb, Anthrax, etc. It would be flames for a very, very long time as the bomb squad is called to inspect the package and remove it.

by Joe Brooks
Big Brother 7 All-Stars Staff Writer"


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