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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Full Moon

If you feel like you're starting to detect a theme here, you're quite right... ;)

5:30am BBT
BATHROOM - Janelle & Kaysar
They're getting ready for bed.
Janie: Who am I going to talk to if you go?
Kaysar: You have Howie and James and Will and Boogie.
Janie: It's not the same. I really can't talk to them like you and I talk.
Janie: Well, I can with Howie.
Kaysar: You mean you can talk, like have a normal conversation with Howie?
Janie: Yes

Kaysar: There are 2 Janies, #1 way you are with me and #2, the way you act with others... It's like you put up a wall.
Janie: Do I do that?
Kaysar: Yeah, you're very different.
Janie: I'm not as comfortable with them... except Howie.
Kaysar: Who do you trust.
Janie: I trust Howie above all of them.

Kaysar: You don't trust James?
Janie: Will said James was working with Danielle, he said that last week.
Kaysar: Yeah, if he isn't already, he will be. He will want to keep Dani in the game.
Kaysar: James is like if your friend was a Werewolf, you know eventually there's going to be a full moon and he'll change, that's James.
    ***what a perfect analogy.

Janie: I wonder if you'll have a cake Thursday.
Kaysar: Yeah, (laughs) you think when I go talk to Julie she'll be holding one?

Kaysar: Let's go take our nap.

They go off to bed.

And now the whole house is sleeping... Shhhhh


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why oh why can't they just vote James out!! Do they not realize he he is a strong player in the veto's and you cannot trust him...I won't give up home until thursday though that K will somehow stay....

7:24 AM  
Anonymous Jocelyn said...

Awww....Janelle and Kaysar are so cute together! If only....


2:22 PM  

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