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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Late Night w/K&J

Kaysar & Janie
Kaysar: You do a great job pissing people off.
Janie: I know. I love it!
Kaysar: I am going to leave with dignity on Thursday. My life is not ruined. I am still going to become a movie star.
Janelle laughs
Janie: Yeah, and i'm going to win the lottery.
Kaysar: Thanks, Janelle. Why couldn't I be a movie star?
Janie: You could. It's just a little annoying that so many people want to become movie stars.
Moving on to work talk...
Janelle: I want to open up a pet boutique. Upscale pet clothes. My friend designs it, and I want to sell it. Pet Grooming as well. Very, very high end.
Kaysar: You have new ideas every day. I better get a dog.
Kaysar: Can I get my pet salamander a scarf?
Kaysar: Is it for cute dogs that go in Louis Vuitton bags only? What about fat dogs?

3:35am BBT
Janelle: I don't need high profile. I spend a lot of time alone in my apartment.
Kaysar: You get so defensive when I ask about the waitressing.
Janelle: Well, because thats not all i do.
Kaysar: ...but its just so much fun to tease you.
Janelle: Working monday nights is not hard, and it pays quite well. I get to have fun, eat dinner and have a few drinks.
Kaysar: You get paid to have fun.


Janie: I went on one date in February and one in April. I don't date much at all. I went to Speed Dating... the dating service. Where you set up tables and switch tables.
Kaysar: (amazed) Why did you go to that?
Janelle: I was feeling lonely. So I went to speed dating in Coral Gables. You get to meet 10 different guys. 5 minutes per date. You have a card with basic info you check off and then some bonus questions.
Kaysar: I cannot believe you went to a dating service.
Janelle: I didn't like any of the guys. They were older, not in their 20's, and real dorky. And a lot of them were like Howie. Right there, that was a red flag.
Over 35 she says is too old. Too much to deal with.


Blogger Lo said...

"they were all like Howie" lol... it's cool to see that side of janelle...

6:57 PM  

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