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Thursday, August 10, 2006

HGs are UP

Big Brother wakes the HGs with I Wanna Rock with You by Michael Jackson.
Dani's bathing in the kitchen sink, starts dancing and...

Big Brother is playing with the Houseguests.
BB: Will. Will. Will. Will.
BB: Howie, Howie, Howie.
Everyone is laughing
Will: Can you believe we're amused by this? And that we want our names played.
Howie: Thanks, BB. Big Boy like his name played over and over.

10:35am BBT
HOH BEDDROOM - Danielle & George

Danielle: Our ass is grass. They are coming after us.

10:45am BBT

Marci is still asleep on a cot, with his mask on.

CG is leaving the HOH with his bucket he washed up in the HOH BR


WORKOUT ROOM - Kaysar & James
Kaysar: You have to step up to the plate. If the floaters win HoH, they will go after Janelle... they look at you as one of them.


Janelle is sitting at the table reading the Bible.
No one is talking

WORKOUT ROOM - James & Kaysar

James: He has been doing it since week 1... I have to keep my eye on people.
Kaysar: Don't be paranoid.
James: ...but actions speak louder than words.
    ***Came in on the middle of the conversation because of the flames, so I don't know who James is referring to.

James: no one is going to hang out in my HoH room next week.
James & Kaysar exit the Workout room.
James: Kaysar, I never worked out that hard in my life.



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