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Thursday, August 10, 2006


1:00-1:30am BBT
Will and Boogie, soon to be joined by more.

Will: We'll have one signal to vote out James, and another signal for Kaysar. We'll listen to both speeches, and whichever one we like. we'll vote that person out. It'll be the first truly live vote.

Boogie: Why would we do that?
Will: Because it will by highly entertaining to me.
Boogie cracks up.
Boogie: I trust James... Janelle will split the money.
Will: Sorry I have to ask this, but do me and you have an agreement to split the money 50/50?
Will & Boogie continue discussing big risks and pros & cons, what the other HGs will do, promises made. What they plan to say to each person. How they are going to justify this. Sounds like they want Janelle around...
Will hears something, and checks the door
Howie is standing right by the door.
Howie has no clue what's going on, everyone's laughing.
Will moves to camera so the three are now in it.
They go over the pros and cons of James v. Kaysar with Howie.
Howie: I love them both.
Boogie: If Kaysar makes it to the end, no one can beat him. James, on the other hand, can be portrayed as a target because he's a liar. Kaysar is the nice guy.
Boogie: I want Kaysar out, and Will wants James out.
Will: It's a tough decision but the Float Herd needs a beatdown next week.
How: Yeah, they need a beatdown.

Will & Boogie are talking about the signals again.

Will: Let's just listen to the speeches and give a signal.
Boog: What's better for you, Howie?
Will checking the next room
How: They're both strong, I love James like a brother, but...


We return to conversation about Marci and Danielle, how close they are.
Howie: I was on my knees, and I overheard them saying how enjoyable this is going to be, they act like they hate each other and that is bull.
Howie: They're together.
Will: What is Chicken George doing?
Howie: He says it's top secret.
Boogie: He's gravitating towards them -the Floater Alliance.
Howie: Chicken George keeps telling me to be weary of Chilltown.
Howie: We just need to make sure Marcellas, Erika or George don't win.
Will: That's a lot of people.
Mike: I want Janelle to win.
Howie: I want Janelle or you to win, so I can cheer like crazy.
Howie: If a floater finishes off the Sovereign 6, Chilltown is next.
Boogie: I know.
Howie: I think my closeness to Janie is making me very vulnerable.
Janelle enters.

Still Will, Boogie, Howie and Janie...
Will: Dani told me to evict James.
    Liar Liar Liar

Mike: Erika isn't dumb, she knows Janelle will go after Dani so she's not gonna kill herself going after HOH.
Mike: Do not relay this conversation to James or Kaysar.
Will: suggests they listen to the speeches and throw out a hand signal based on them.
Janelle: (re HOH comp) If I have the lead, let Mike ring in and waste the question so the floaters can't get points.

Howie: How about "The Skin Doctors." (as a name for their "alliance")
Everyone ignores him.

Will: The whole house alliance...
More alliance names... Will is very concerned about a new name for this alliance.
Kay enters.
Will: "The pale Will's"
Will: "The skin doctors"
Kay leaves, How leaves, Jan leaves...


Anonymous Stephen said...

First of all can I tell you how much I love your interjections in response to what the HGs say... so hilarious!! Also, this convo is direct evidence of why i will marry howie some day... the skin doctors... everyone ignores him.. haha! Anyways, Janelle is so smart about if she has the elad having them answer in so the other people cant get points!! GO JANELLE!! Oh and what about Will saying that Dani told him to evict James? LMAO

12:10 PM  

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