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Monday, July 31, 2006

Janelle & Kaysar

Noon - BBTime
HOH ROOM - Janelle & Kaysar

Kaysar: Marcellas is a leak. He has to be voted out. We got our backdoor open because of him.
Janie: I will not tell him anything further.
Kaysar: He's screwing everything up. He talks about normal things ... and then he accidently spills information. He has a big mouth.
Janie: I've been getting bloody noses regularly. I wont tell him anymore stuff... just girl stuff.

Janie: Kaysar, on a scale 1 to 10, how bad are my nominations?
Kaysar: I'll let you know next week after it happens. With Will, we can predict what's going to happen. It's gonna leave people scared and shocked. Putting up diane is a risky move.
Janie: With James saying he wants to make a "personal decision for him," does that mean he's going to put up Marci? What did will say to you?
Kaysar: Nothing, Boogie said he spoke to you, and he wants to make some sort of arrangement...
Janie: I told them I didn't want to make a big deal or anything, just don't come after us. Marci thinks we both made a deal with CT.
Kaysar: I'm tired of accusations, Marcellas is infuriating me.

RED ROOM - Diane and Erika
They're talking about votes...
Diane puts on her makeup... Erika is lying in bed.
Erika: I'm gonna put a face on.

HOH ROOM - Kaysar & Janie
I came in in the middle.. not sure who they're talking about... Marcellas, maybe?
Janie: Some of his ideas are a bit weird.
Kaysar: You give him a freakin' excuse... it just doens't work, you know that, come on.
Janie: I like him
Kay: I liked Jase, if that's your perogative, then play on that level.
Janie: I feel bad for him
Kay: Make it a charity case.
Janie: I'm not giving out charity.
Kay: See ya down stairs
Janie: See ya downstairs.

Janie continues with her makeup... No one else comes near her until...

BB: Janelle Please go to the diary room.

    ***Please BB, let Kaysar be the last impression.


Anonymous Kim said...

I have so say I'm sooo disappointed in Janie's performance as this weeks HOH. She's now the Howie of last season. She's going to put Diane up. I just thought Janie would never succumb to Will's devious ways. There goes the S6 alliance down the drain when she nominates Diane.
Hopefully, she will prove me wrong....

12:36 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

i hope so too... such a strong player (physically and mentally) who allows herself to be manipulated out of $500,000 by a cute man... that's gonna suck.

1:59 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

THe blogger bots are eating my blog!!!! Crikee. Hopefully this will all be fixed soon folks, but until then, i can't post any more of your comments, cuz each time I do, the bot eats the post it's attached to. bad bot!! no soup for you! Fingers crossed will send in a human soon, so we can get this all worked out and start posting again!!!! Thanks for your support here and on myspace. where I'd love to send a bulletin to all of you, but those are down too! :(

4:16 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I should have mentioned (if it's not obvious enough) that i can't post any new blogs either... until the bots figure out I'm a human ... Hang tight, Carla and I will be back at it ASAP!
<3, Carolyn

4:20 PM  

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