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Monday, July 31, 2006

Floater Unity

The HGs are waking up...
10am BB time...
Danielle is up and in the bathroom all other HGs are sleeping
10:20am BBT
BB: Good Morning, houseguests, the veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours.
Dani's still in the bathroom, talking to Kaysar, who is in the kitchen.

And now, back to the last of the overnight reports...

2:33am BB time
BACKYARD - Dani, Erika, and Marci
Marci: Janie absolutely wont go and talk to Diane.
Erika: It's probably better for me personally if Diane is up against me rather than Will.
Dani: That is true.

Dani: We HAVE to win the HOH this week.
Marci: We can't pull any punches, we just have to win it. I am so sad I took Boogie out (of the HOH comp last week).
Dani: Last week, You were acting on what Janie wanted you to see.
Dani: Enough already, guys. We HAVE to win HOH.
Marci: I don't care if it's endurance or whatever....
Dani: I know you are a competitor, and you will do what he have to do. I'm not giving you a hug though, I'll tell you that right now.

Dani: Kaysar said something to me today about the Mr & Mrs Smith alliance, and they were all worried about a 2 person alliance, when they have a 4 person alliance. To the season 6ers, no alliance is okay unless it is their own. I just wish I knew what Janies beef with Diane is.
Marci: There is no beef, they are just going to pick off the floaters one by one. Janie talks about one post at Jokers that supposedly was made by Diane, saying that Diane would take out Janie. Janie was talking about the phone call she got from Diane's roommate.
Dani laughs.
Dani: Is Diane's roommate crazy?
Erika: She is not crazy... just seeking attention.

Dani: Such hipocrisy (sp?)... the 4 have such a problem with any alliance, but yet they came into the house with a 4 person alliance.
Marci: This shit is notice that they (season 6) dont give a f-ck. I told Janelle to her face that she can do this, but that it sends a bad message, and Janie didnt want to hear it.
Erika: What about the message that Janie sent me by nominating me this week? That was a pretty clear message.

Marci: The first thing I thought of when I saw your key was that it could have been me. The only reason it wasn't was because it was Janelle (as HOH). If it was Kaysar or Howie, it could have just as easily been me up there.
Marci: James wouldn't put Dani, Kaysar wouldn't put Erika.
Dani agrees.
Dani: We are Janie, Kaysar, and James' parachutes. They just dont understand the holes they're poking in their parachutes.

Dani: (to marci) What you're saying is making perfect sense.
Marci: If we have a chance to bring someone back, we need to bring back Diane.
Dani: Diane is good at endurance, too, so if she comes back, she can win the endurance and take Janie out herself.
They all start saying "PB baby, PB".

Marcellas: We need to win the next 2 HOHs to take out 2 of the season 6ers so that no more than 2 of them get into sequester. The funny thing is, Boogie and Will will still be here because they are so far off the radar right now.
Dani: I just have to do something in this house. I have to win HOH this week.

2:50am BBT
Dani: The veto comp was crazy.
Marci: Janelle let Boogie win the veto.
Dani: Boogie and Will have told Janie flat out to her face that they are nominating her if they get HOH. Boogie has been keeping it real, and yet still Janie wants to keep them?
Erika: Chilltown probably wont even try for HOH.
Dani: We should just tell them that they better win it. Just ask them why they think they weren't nominated? That's all you have to say. Then their backs would be up against the wall and they would try to get it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what I dont understand is how why is janelle siding with chilltown?

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey its Paris ....
Just 2 clarify now its

those are the floaters

there are more floaters than Sov6 members

they should make sure and stay tight. a weak team but maybe the numbers can work for them

i want will out of there he isnt serving any purpose ...i thought he would be an interesting player 2 watch but to date he is boring and he doesnt even look good this season..

boogie is just annoying...chilltown was the best in there season but on allstars they just aren't maintaining the image I had for them last.

I favour Janelle , kayser and Howie
over everyone in that order.

the three of them should take out james first....

Paris xoxo

11:48 AM  
Blogger Dee said...

Someone pass the xanax.

12:18 PM  
Blogger Lo said...

mmm i'm a fan of the BB6 alliance but it's hard for me to root for them 100% this season because they aren't against the nerd herd this time... they are playing against Will, who is one of my favorite players of all time. he's the reason i even started watching BB. I became a fan in S2 and not from the beginning, but AFTER Boogie, Shannon, Autumn, and that other chick were already evicted... i think he's still sexy this season because he has that same goofy personality. I think he and Howie make the show funny. I even laugh at Boogie a lot. I'm also a Marcellas fan and I think Danielle is probably the smartest player in the game. So, with that said, i wont feel too bad if someone from BB6 doesn't win the game. Alison, Nakomis, Jase, Erika, and Diane aren't my favorites, but I like Will, Marcellas and Danielle just as much as I like the BB6 alliance.

1:55 PM  

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