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Friday, August 11, 2006

Kaysar Interview

The following Interview was conducted by "The Slug." The link is bold below.

"The super suave and strategic Kaysar Ridha was booted on "Big Brother 7: All-Stars" last night thanks to the Legion of Doom. Boo. Hoo. And Janelle Pierzina won the Head of Household competition — despite what you saw on TV last night. Woo. Hoo. After the jump, take a peep at what Ridha told The Slug in his post-eviction interview. BTW, how he said "Really?" when we told him we dug his shaved head was soooo cuuute. Oh, here it is in Slugaudio.

LISTEN: Kaysar Ridha grows on us.

The Slug: What up, Kaysar! James turned on your alliance. Thoughts?

Kaysar Ridha: Am I completely shocked? No. I was kinda calling it. I said we're gonna try to treat him as good as possible to prevent this from happening. It was inevitable. James gets heated up. He gets paranoid. He's out for himself.

TS: What about Janelle? Did you have any idea she was aligning herself with Chilltown?

KR: No. I suspected there could be something going on with Chilltown and Janelle. I didn't want to believe it. I just thought that people could be loyal and they would be loyal. I was gonna be good to them and hopefully they'll reciprocate. I can only do my best; just because people are going to flip-flop, I didn't want to stoop to that level.

TS: How does it make you feel that two of your three alliance members flipped?

KR: It's a treacherous game — even your closest of allies can turn against you. I think I've grown thicker skin this time around. At this point in time, I'm OK. Will I be OK a week from now after reflecting upon what happened? Who knows?

TS: Last year you got to go back into the house. Any chance of that happening again?

KR: There's not a chance in hell I'm going back in that house. I know for a fact. I'm happy to be out. It's pretty much a done deal.

TS: Explain your relationship with Erika to me.

KS: She was genuine with me. I saw that Erika was sweet and kind. There was this vulnerable side to her. I felt this need to look after her at times, be her support. I don't know why. It was just sort of an instant thing. I think we solidified a bond. But I did feel like when I needed her and she couldn't stand up for me and make a decision, I did feel a little betrayed.

TS: Man, everybody turned on you!

KR: Yeah. There wasn't a single relationship in that house that held up. God, it was really treacherous. It was rough. But I feel as though I maintained my integrity. What else can I do?

TS: So Janelle is HOH again. What should she do?

KR: After knowing what happened? After knowing about the Legion of Doom? Um, take out Chilltown. Right now they're a cancer to the house. You need to take out Chilltown. If you can at least take out one member of Chilltown then the next target can be Danielle.

TS: Do you think Janelle would do that?

KS: Absolutely not.

TS: Poor Janelle. She's clueless.

KR: Yes. There's a worldwind of deception in that house.

TS: Lastly, your hair. Are you gonna keep it short?

KR: You know what? No. I'm growing my hair back.

TS: Awww, come on. I really like it short.

KR: Really?

TS: Yeah. It looks good.

KR: I don't know. I haven't decided."


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