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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Late Night with J&W

The Overnight's in a nutshell... Sorry this is so late in coming - I'm on HG time today... got home from a party last night just in time to see the feeds come back on after the Veto comp, showing Janie with that beautiful necklace around her neck, and I was 'like a 4 year old hopped up on Pez.' ;) but in a good way...

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4:10am BBT
BATHROOM - Will & Janie

Will: Are you going to bed?
Janelle: No.
Will: Let's go to bed.
    ***ask me again, dr. delicious. ;)
Janelle: I'm not ready.. I want the cards, I can't find them.

They discuss sleeping arrangements...

Will: The internet people are going "ape shit" , with you winning everything.
    ***you know it!!!
They discuss the importance of the upcoming HoH, and they talk about Chicken George. They both agree to keep him safe to the final 5.

Janie: He's a good person.

Will and Janie are talking about everyone... whispering pretty low, since they're in the bathroom...

Janelle: Who was that?
Will: It was just the cameras moving.

Janie goes and checks to be sure.

Will starts talking about James again, laughing over his going into the diary room and demanding to see the footage of the veto comp. A bit earlier in the evening, Will referrred to James saying, "When he doesn't get his way, James is like a 4 year old hopped up on Pez," and he's continuing along the same lines now...

Janie: James is acting crazy. I don't know what to make of him.

They move on to discuss sequester and the votes...

Will: I think each person should be put into sequester alone.
Janie: They all sit in sequester and stew on everything and get more pissed.
Janie: Sequester by yourself would be lonely.
Will: Not if it were like a luxury hotel with massages and room service and stuff...
You think I wanna go to a sequestered beach with Marcellas and Howie?
Will: (joking) ...with no one there to keep me safe from them molesting me?

They move on to discuss the possibility of a luxury comp to go somewhere OUTSIDE of the house.

Will: I REALLY want to win it... to get the f-ck out of this house.

Dani has woken up and come into the bathroom.
Janelle got up and left.
    ***why pretend at 5am??
Will: Remember how Marcellas left wearing the afro wig and the polyester suit and everything? (laughs) How stupid did that look on live tv with julie chen?
Dani: (either not coherent enough for conversation or blowing him off) Yeah. Uh huh.

She goes into the bathroom.

Dani and Will go to the kitchen. Janie has made herself scarce.

Will: I'm waiting for Boogie to get up, and then I'm going to crash in the HOH bed.

Janie's back in the bathroom, taking a shower.

5:15 BBT
Janie finishes showering and goes to bed.

All Feeds show Sleeping Houseguests.


Blogger ddgirl said...

Ok I have got to understand something here! Janie is a smart cookie I adore her. Why can't she see through Will??? Will is so ready to stomp on her or is he? I have an inside feeling the two of them can't wait to get in sequester so they can bond w/o camers's! Boggie has Erica and yet It appears to me he could give two craps about Will's wants at this point. Is this just me?

11:31 AM  

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