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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Veto Comp Follow-Up

OK, we haven't actually seen the veto comp yet, so we cannot comment with any authority as to the fairness or lack thereof. All anyone can truly do at this point is report the reactions, feelings and rants of the houseguests. And boy are they ranting!!

James is livid! He's making tons of accusations of impropriety, and saying the whole game is rigged for the prom queen, and of course a slew of profanities and insinuations towards Janie. He wont even sleep in the same room with her now. And he was screaming so loud in the DR, the other houseguests could hear him.

Dani and Erika are being supportive in front of him, but both agree they saw no impropriety in private. George is remaining neutral (whatta surprise). Will and Boogie both gave James lip service, but privately did little happy dances with Janie.

Anyone who tells you anything more is blowing smoke up your skirt. Simply put, none of us can judge the event until we see it with our own eyes.

As to what the event included, from what the HGs have mentioned thus far, we know it included dolls and that they had to be able to spell something.

From James' viewpoint, Janie stole his Howie doll, and scratched him in the process. From Janie's side, he tackled her for a doll. The DR folks have been spoken to, and they told James they saw no wrong doing, and that they have no footage indicating there was foul play.

Everyone in the house is giving James a pretty wide berth tonight.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOU GO GIRL James your a baby your going bye bye GO JANIE GO

2:10 AM  
Anonymous cindy said...

This is my favorite quote from last night:

Will: When James doesn't get his way he is like an angry 4 year old jacked up on Pezz.

LMAO!! It's so true. Anytime James really wants to win a competition and doesn't, that's how he acts.

Buh bye Jamesie.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love that Jedi Janie, she is one tough competitor, here's hoping she'll be the last one standing!

10:15 AM  
Anonymous ek said...

James should shut up already. He acts like a scumbag all the time. Blech.

2:53 PM  
Blogger canezjem said...

First of all it's "you're" as in YOU ARE. NOT possessive as in "your house". I hope Janelle dies. Enough said.

7:46 AM  

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