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Saturday, August 19, 2006


12:30pm BBT
BACKYARD - James, Will
Sitting on the Red Couches

The Legion of Doom meeting will now come to order!
    ***Just kidding.

James: You are in here for the long term again. I don't know how you do it.

James is wondering why George didn't put up Janelle.

James: Maybe because he didn't want to backdoor her?
Will: I don't know.
James: If that's it, I think that was very noble of him.
    ***I agree 100%

Will: I didn't even tell Boogie it was going to be Howie. I thought Boogie would flip it. I wonder who did tell him.
James: Danielle.
Will: I did tell George to put me up, but then thought I could be gone.
James: Not. Janie and Howie would have voted for you to stay. Janie really trusts you and Boogie.

Will: She still trusts you too.
James: She has no choice now. But it's too late.
Will: If Erika wins the next HoH, she will put up me and Boogie.
Will: I'm trying to make a point, but I forgot what it was right in the middle of talking to you
James: Nothing in here is a good point.
Will: Right. It's all luck with a little bit of skill.

James: This is so funny. The first 2 weeks I tried to get them ,S6, to get rid of you and Boogie.

James: How long have you had an alliance with Danielle?
Will: Danielle really bridged the gap.

Will: I was never in an alliance with Danielle until the Legion of Doom.

They're discussing how the Legion of Doom came about.

    ***Boogie came to Will and said I got Danielle, and she can bring James.

Danielle joins them in the BACKYARD.

Will: How did Legion of Doom come together?

She reminds them.

They all remember it differently, and they're laughing at each other.
    ***very Rashomon.

They're all very proud of themselves and laughing at everyone else.

Danielle: It took a lot of good acting.

Will croses his arms and looks very pleased.

James: I told Janelle, "they do not dislike you as a person. They are just scared of you."

Dani and Will laugh.

They call a shout-out to Kaysar, "What up Kaysar?"

James: This season has the 3 most evil BB players ever.
    ***referring to himself, Will and Danielle.

Erika joins the group.

End of "honesty."

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