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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Overnight's 3

Part 1 - Spooning

1:30am BBT
Erika and Boogie in Bed, spooning and whispering.

Boogie: When you got picked to come in the house, I was beaming as if I'd been picked myself. I wanted you to look over at me, but you didn't.

They're spponing, and Boogie has his arm around her. They hear a noise, and he jerks his arm off her and moves away a little bit, like he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Coast is clear, false alarm. He snuggles up to her again.

Boogie: I want to ask you a game question. Will you turn over and look at me?
Erika rolls over to face him.
Boogie: Did you really go into the DR and guess the same thing that Dani guessed, Do Not Assume?
Erika says she did.
Boogie: Why would you do that? You're way too smart to do that.
Erika: I did it because it is right, it has to be.
Boogie: Did you do it as a fallback? In case Dani gets voted out and isn't eligible to get it, so you could get it?
Erika: Maybe, I don't know.

Part 2 -
1:45am BBT
HOH Room - Janie, Will
Janelle: I don't have any questions for you tonight.
Will: I feel like you're kind of formal with me sometimes.

Will: I can't imagine winning HOH... It would be hard for me to nominate two people and crush their dreams.
    ***omg, Janie, you can't really be buying this!

Will: I will do it, I know that I have to, but it will be a difficult thing for me to do.
Janelle: Are you going to try to win?
Will: I suspect that I'll win the next one and if not, then the one after that. I'll put up Chicken George and Marci, and Marci will leave.

Discussion moves to sequester talk...

Will: If two of your group is in the final 4, one of them will win. If one of the floaters are up with one of you, then I'll have to be in peoples ears in sequester. Will: I don't think James' ego will allow him to share the money at the end. James will probably say that they cant do that, and he doesnt want to get in trouble. Janelle asks something about their deal to split the money...
Will: We've talked openly about it, and everyone on the internet has seen it, so they have a verbal contract, and it is legally binding. We can also write something up, if you want.

Will: I don't think that James has any of our backs. I have Boogie's back, and I have your back and Howie's back, and I feel like you have my back, but I do not think that James has your back, Janelle, and if he doesnt have your back, he definitely doesnt have MY back.
Janelle: I think James has my back.
Will: When its convenient for him.
Will: Boogie has my back whether its convenient or not.
Janelle: We just have to get rid of Dani.
Will: We definitely do.

Will: I'm gonna leave so you can get to sleep. I'm goin' to bed. Do you think we'll be friends after the show is over?
Janelle: I think so. Do you want to be friends after the show is over?
Will: I would like that.
Janelle: I would too.
Will: Goodnight, Janelle. Sleep well.

And he's gone.


Anonymous cindy said...

Both of those conversations were pretty!

I have lost all respect for Erika for being with I mean, yuck!

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm... do you think BB would really make the CDE that easy to get that it could be guessed after one clue? I hope not; a power that big should be harder to come by.

10:45 AM  

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