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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Overnights Part 1

1:00am BBT, Late Friday night
HOH - Janie & Will & Howie

Will: Are 6 people going to be playing in the veto, or 4, since you can't play? Janelle: Six people will still play, I just can't play.
Will: Erika thought that only 4 people would play, but they wouldn't tell her in the DR.

Janelle: Were they asking you if you would take them off if you won?
Will: They didnt ask me, but they were hinting around about it. They asked me if one of them come off, who I thought would go up? I told them that I didn't know, but I hoped Marcellas.
Howie: Why would Chilltown even use it knowing that one of them might be put up in their place?
Will: The floaters said something about how Janelle wouldn't put me or Boogie up, and I said "Yes she would", so that they wouldnt expect me to use it if I won it.

Janelle: How do the floaters know that we call them the float herd?
Will: They've probably heard you saying it.
Janelle: I've never said it around them.
Will: I think I have. I didn't know it was some kind of secret. I think you're making too much of it.
Will: I'm pretty sure that James is with Dani, that Dani is with Marci and obviously with Erika, and that Chilltown is together. There are 3 groups, CT, season 6, and the floaters.
Will: The floaters hate Marci as much as everyone else does, but they need him.

Will: I just don't want you guys to worry about Boogie flirting with Erika. Boogie is ready to cut her.

Will diverts their attention by bringing up the new Power up for grabs...

Janelle: What do you think it is?
Will: I don't know. I'm waiting for more clues. I think the the people that have guessed already have guessed too early. Marci is the only one out of them that hasn't guessed, and even if he wins it, he is so selfish, he wouldn't help them.
Will: If Dani guessed right, that would be amazing, but I think she guessed too early. The chances of her having guessed it right with only one clue are slim to none.


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