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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Veto Day

Good Morning! Happy Saturday! Happy Veto Day!

A few random thoughts before I go over the overnights and find the important bits for you... I do believe now that Danielle has set herself up as the un-evictable one - unless her floater alliance has a sudden epiphany and realizes that no matter which one of them is sitting next to her, they will always be the one leaving, Danielle is now in a self-generated amazing spot. Between the float alliance and ChillTown and Legion of Doom, I'm guessing if she stays on the block, whoever's next to her is toast.

Janie... Oh Janie... Like last year at this time, Janie must now win absolutely EVERYTHING she's eligible to play for, all the time, or she's outta there.

Howie... Could actually be a sleeper. No one considers him a real threat...

James... I believe James will be the first to go from the Legion of Doom, once it gets down to it. They do not trust him, due to how he betrayed his own alliance, and believe if he could do it to S4, he could certainly do it to them.

Kaysar... yeah, I know he's gone. sigh... doesn't mean I can't write his name! It just wouldn't be right to mention all the sovs and not Kaysar. I hope he's enjoying his freedom, family and friends.

Now that K's out of the house, I can see it objectively again... which brings me to Will and Boogie - Chilltown. Will just may do it again, and I strongly believe that if he's in the final 2, he will win, unless he's up against Danielle - Queen of the Floaters. Many believe he has no chance, but if they vote on who played the game best, he has to, and as they all keep saying, "It's Allstars." Will came into the house with a huge target, and week after week, he's avoided eviction, to the point where he's become an afterthought. He generates animosity between the factions, and frankly, manipulates everyone so well, they don't even realize they've been handled.

OK... I'm off to check the overnights and pull the important stuff for you.


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