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Friday, August 18, 2006

Post Eviction

Chicken George believed that Howie was safe. He is visibly shaken.

George (in disbelief): I took out Howie Gordon. I really took out Howie.

Cut to Ant room

Boogie: Janie, can I talk to you? I'm really really sorry it went down like this.
We felt like he was a loose cannon. It really bothered me that it hurt his feelings...that he was so mad. It was a difficult decision.
Janelle: But why? Why did they do it?
Boogie: It's hard.
Janelle (crying): I feel so horrible.
Boogie: I know. I'm getting judged for what Will does. We are looked at as a duo. I feel horrible. I am sorry I celebrated like that. I couldnt hold it in. We got scared of Howies...
Janelle: What about James?
Boogie: James voted to keep him. Listen I care about your feelings. We all have lives out of here. Only one person is going to be happy and in the end that person will not be so happy. I appoligize Janie.

Exit Boogie, enters James

James: What did he say?
Janelle: I dont want to be here anymore.

Will comes in

Will: Do you want me to go away?
Janelle: No.
Will: I dont expect you to accept my apology.

Will: Who is the princess of BB?
Janelle: I dont know.
Will: Who is the princess of BB? You know you are.
Janelle: Yeah right.
Will: Because your pretty, smart, and sexy.
Janelle laughs.
Will: You are looking pretty cute in that.
Janelle: I'm not.
Will: It's ok to cry.

Janelle ask if she and Will can talk privately. James offers to leave but she and Will go into the red room instead.

Will: I completely understand why you're upset. At the end of the day, keeping Howie in here made S6 three strong. Some things that were funny in one way but he also yelled at Chicken George. Chicken George is one of the nicest guys. We're not nice guys, we're sons of bitches and if you had won you should have put us up. What Howie and Boogie did was very uncalled for. Earlier today, no matter what, Erika was gone. Then Howie said he was going to yell at and berate Chicken George. I just couldn't tolerate that. I totally stabbed you in the back.

Janelle: Why didn't you tell me?
Will: Because you would have told him.
Janelle: No I wouldn't, because I know how he gets. Why was the rest of the house cheering when I lost?
Will: You don't ever have to forgive me.

Will: Howie started throwing out who was in what alliances. I am here to support Boogie. I will continue to do that because he is extremely loyal. Is Boogie getting a little power hungry? Probably.

Will: I am embarrassed by my own behavior. But I don't know what else to do, someone has to go. I won't go out angry. If you vote me out I will kiss you on the cheek. Boogie came up to me 20 minutes before the ceremony and said we have to get rid of Howie. He's a liability, he's gonna yell at Chicken George. He could be funny, but he took it too far, with the 'busto', that wasn't right.

Will: I get it, I'm not well liked by the internet viewers, however, outside this house, I think I'm a good person, I'm a good friend, a good boyfriend, a good doctor. I have no remorse in this game. Well, maybe except today.

Will continues to consoles Janelle for about two hours.


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