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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Up & Whiny

9:35am BBT
All of the houseguests are still sleeping

Feed 1 is Yellow room with Janelle, Will and James sleeping.
    Will must've convinced Janie to sleep in there anyway, and gone there himself to make her feel more comfortable. Not that James would have actually done anything to her, but he was adamant about not sharing a room with her - and beyond livid..
Feed 2 Danielle sleeping
Feed 3 George sleeping
Feed 4 Boogie sleeping

10:00am BBT
Dani's up and getting in the shower.
Boogie's half up, searching for his headphones so he can listen to music while laying in bed in HoH.

10:20am BB
BATHROOM - Dani and Erika

Erika's sitting on the couch. They're rehashing last night...
Dani: James is still hot about last night.
Erika: I don't blame him.
Dani brings up the possibility of doing a re-do of the veto comp.
    Waaaaah... gee, dani, can we have re-do's of your veto & hoh "wins" ,
    since both were handed to you on silver platters?

James enters the bathroom. The girls say good morning to him.

James: Good morning, my ass.
    ***such a charmer.
    ***Sorry Dee.. here's a xanax. ;)

10:50am BB
BACKYARD - Dani, James
James is deciding what he's going to say for the live show.
James: Well houseguests, it's me or the dishwasher.
    ***Ouch! But I don't think that'll win you any points, James. It may not be yelling at the house elder, but it's belittling him all the same, and it reflects poorly on you, and you alone.

Dani: James, don't say that. I bet Sarah is glad I'm here with you.
    ***relax Dani, if you make it there, you already have his jury vote.

James: Hell yeah, she is.

10:55am BBT
James: I've been responsible for every single eviction except for Diane's. ... and Howie's. I did not want Howie to go up.
Dani: There was no other option.
James: Yeah there was! Janelle.

Dani: Janelle was always wanting to get rid of George. She trashed him all the time. Now George is protecting her.
Dani: Erika thinks Chilltown will vote you out over George.
Dani: Erika's going to vote you out.
James: That's ok. Let her. I have you, Will and Boogie's votes.
    ***We'll see 'bout that...
    Looks like the Legion of Doom has been dissolved
    Unless Dani can manage some very fancy footwork.

James complains some more about Janie winning pov.
James: She just lost 4 votes... maybe 5 with Erika.
James: I will NOT give her MY vote.

BB: Houseguests, You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions with other Houseguests.
James: Well you are allowed to cheat in competitions though...

Erika joins them outside with a banana.
James: No wonder you weigh 13 pounds.

Erika and Dani both go in and rummage for more food. Dani finds a roach and tells James to come see it.

James: I don't want to see no roach, I have to sleep next to one.


Anonymous Meemma said...

You know, I'm starting to really believe what Kaysar said about everyone brings a part of who they are and their personality to the house(I'm paraphrasing, not a direct quote).

I say this because I seriously believe that James is not a nice human being. Maybe I'm wrong, but I just can't see him being any different outside the house than he is inside of it.

He's purely a mean spirit. I like Sarah. I think she is a very sweet girl, but I think she is making a mistake in being with James. I think she can do better.

And, did he just call Janelle a roach? Point proven.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous ek said...

James blows, Sarah may be nice but is about as smart as a potato. That's why she's with him. And I LOVE the point about Dani's wins. For someone who is allegedly so smart, she has a very short memory. Can't wait to see this pov. I'm sure it's totally legit, though I am starting to wonder how about 4 nominees in a row can pull themselves off when that used to like never happen.

2:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waaaaah... gee, dani, can we have re-do's of your veto & hoh "wins" ,
since both were handed to you on silver platters?

totally agree with you on that one

4:45 PM  

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