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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Real Trust

11:35am BBT
Will & Boogie
Will: I told Janie that it will be her and James on the block this week... and that she'd be safe.

Will: Dude, you can't tell Dani anything else EVER. Dani is with Erika and James. Will: We're going to have to set a trap for Dani.

Boogie:(referring to Janie) Do you really trust this chick?
Will: More than anyone else in this house.


11:45am BBT
RED ROOM - Chicken George
He's making some changes to the RED ROOM and referring to it as his new apartment.
He's decided to change the name of the room to "The Tiki Hut."
Chicken George: No more voodoo room.
    ***he must have a death wish.
    Good luck in there, George.

HoH ROOM - Janie, Will, Boogie

Will: James wants to be the last season six person left in the house.

They told Janie that she'll be going up on the block, and now they're counting the votes to save Janie.

Janie's trying to get them to take her off the block and replace her with Dani, to make sure James goes home this time.


Noon BBT

BB: Danielle, Please come to the Diary Room.

HoH ROOM - Boogie, Will, Chicken George
After summoning George to the HoH Room, Boogie and Will tell him they're talknig to everybody to see what they want to do.

Chicken George: Well it really doesn't look like you have much of a choice here. You should nominate Janie and James.

Chicken George: You have to do what's best for Mike Boogie.
Boogie: Clearly, I'm not stupid, Doc and I will be target number 1 soon...
Boogie: What happens if Janelle wins POV?
George: Then it has to be one of us! You have to decide who you can beat in the end. You may have to think about the Doc. You love to compete, and you know who you have to take out and that is what Mike Boogie has to do. I know you're close friends, and you'll part as close friends...that's a great thing that you brought in...
Boogie: We both know that it can't last forever in this house.
Boogie: Any one of the seven left can take it all the way. It's luck, it's the competitions...

George: I just don't want Janelle to feel ostracized or anything like that. She would have been up here in HoH again, if she hadn't slipped up that one time.

George leaves.


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