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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Veto Comp Today

At 10:00 am BB announces to the houseguest that the Veto Comp will begin in 2 hours. Most of the HGs are still sleeping except for Danielle and Erika.

Danielle is filling Erika in on the converstation she had with Kaysar late last nite...

Dani: I told Kayser to start playing for himself and not Janie. I was preaching to Kay.
Erika: Be very careful of James he goes back and forth.
Dani: Kay is mad at Janie for not putting up Will and Boogie. Today will be very interesting. Marci wants Kay gone! I think I got to Kayser. He was a little more happier after our talk. Be a man or be a woman and just say it.

***Where did Dani learn English?

Erika: One of them has to go this week or they will pick us all off. Sorry guys, why do we have to feel like we have to explain ourselves??? If one of us leaves at least we broke up the sea6.

*** Yea, Erika, you have done soooo much. Please!

Dani: If you want to come after me you better have an army to back me out that door. I am here to play this game.

***Dani, I think the power of HoH has gone to your head! You were not such a bad ass a few days ago!

Erika: I will never forget this comp as long as i I can't wait to watch the episode. (she said they get to watch it on sunday?!)

I will be posting all day. Keep checking back for results!


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