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Friday, August 25, 2006

Will & Janie

Because there was so much together time tonight, Will and Janie have very little alone time together... strategy time... And what little they do have is soon interrupted by Danielle, who sticks to them like glue.

Around 2am BBT
BACKYARD - Will and Janie
Alone at last.
As we join this conversation, Will is trying to get Janie to see the importance of her pushing for Erika to work with her, by promising to vote out whoever she says during the following week.
Will: Promise Erika that if you win HOH next week, you won't put her up. Lie to her.
Will: Get in her ear early.
Janie: She knows how I feel about her. She's not going to want to work with me.
Will: Make a deal with her, she doesn't put you or Boogie up, then she'll put me and Chicken George or Dani up.
Janie: I can't see her doing that.
Will: Say you won't put her up next week, lie to her, tell her you'll vote out whoever she wants. She won't be able to play HOH, we'll get somebody else kicked out, then we'll roll over her.
Janie: Right.
Will: Get up earlier than 1:00 and try to deal wiht her.
Janie: Are you goning to talk to her?
Will: No, 'cause I never talk game with her. Boogie's talking for me, as we speak. Boogie is going to try and persuade her not to put you and me up.
    ***Well, he's half right, kinda...

Janie: Then why do you come talk to me? And not Boogie?
Will: Because I didn't want him to.
Janie: Why?
Will: Cause I wanted to talk to you. You're very suspicious.
Janie: I'm not suspicious.

They're playing cards.... Will accuses her of cheating, she denies it, she keeps touching his knee, tells him he has nice eyebrows, very handsome.

Will: Does that work in your real life?
Janie: No.
Will: Works here. Is that how you always beat me so badly?
Janie: Oh stop.

They continue playing...

Janie: God, you're annoying.
Will: You cheat.
Janie: I hate you.
Will: By hate, do you mean the opposite of hate?

Danielle comes out, and Will tells her that Janelle is cheating. Janelle denies it, they are checking the rules with Danielle...

Danielle: You guys are playing Janelle rummy.

Will goes out first, they count, he wins!

Danielle stays out there smoking, chatting about playing cards with her kids. Alone time is done for the night... Will steal Erika's mattress and comforter, and Dani moves into the bug room with them.

3:00am - 3:30am BBT
A bit later...
BUG ROOM - Will, Janie, Dani
Dani - Tell us about the first time you fell in love, Will.
Will: I've told it before, but ok...
Dani: You can't help who you fall in love with, but you can help who you marry.
Will mentions how much he loves Erin...
Dani: I'll be happy to talk to her for you when the show's over.
Janie tells the story of her first love... They met in high school calculus class, Janie: He was dorky at first, but he helped me with math, and I fell for him. We were together for 7 months. I was going to move to LA, and he was going into the army. We lost contact, and then 2 years ago, he sent me an email saying we should meet up. I was concerned, because he was really serious about me, so I met him in Minnesotta, and we spent a week together and fell in love again. I didn't know what to do, 'cause it was hard long distance, so I left then came back. I broke up with him... He wanted to get married to me, and I got freaked out. I didn't know why, but I felt like I wanted to experience life more, and I was young.
    Will keeps comparing her story to alliances in the house, and Janie keeps telling him to shut up.

Janie: I didn't want to become an air force wife. It was just bad timing, and the relationship fell apart, because I couldn't be with him. Then last January I called him, and he's with a girlfriend.
Danielle: You still love him.
Janie: yeah.
Danielle: See, she really loves him, but isn't ready.
Will: We chase things that run away.
Danielle is analyzing the relationship.
Will: Janie, I'm so confused. You have a boyfriend too.
Danielle: You need to have some closure with that.
Janie: Well, it's messed up... Our final break up was when he was deployed...
Janie: I just couldn't picture myself as an air force life.
Danielle: You would have been unhappy, you did the right thing out of respect for him and yourself.
Danielle: Did youu say,"I love you?" You made a big mistake.
Janie: Yeah, but the girl he's with now wants what he wants.
Will: Well, then he doesn't see you for the special person you are.
Will: Dani, you should know that I'll be calling you for advice all the time now.
Dani: Love isn't everything, but respect, common goals, that's what you want.
Jani: You don't think love is everything?
Dani: No.

This goes on a while longer.. then sleep.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Dani believes that love is overrated. You may have respect and common goals but with no love behind it your like roommates. People fall in love because they believe it's the most powerful gift we can recieve and give to another human being. Even though it makes you us an emotional mess and happy all at you same time.


1:33 AM  

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