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Monday, September 04, 2006

Apres Cards

11:35pm BBT
BACKYARD - Will & Janie
The card game is finally over. No more need to sit next to Erika in her creepy nighttime indoor sunglasses.

Will: I mean, it's been 64 days, and now the lights are bothering her? She looks like a creepy evil super hero... She looks likes an xray with hair.

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Will: You're acting a little weird again.
Janie: I'm fine. I want to hang out with you.

Will: I want to look at your toes.
Janie: Noo! I have funky toes.
Will: I think there's something wrong - a fungal infection. Lemme look.
Janie: No, Will. I don't want you to. It's embarrassing.

They have a little tiff, do the "I hate you," no "I hate you" thing...

Janie: Do you want to go to the red room?
Will: To talk or to fight?
Janie: Both.

Big smile from Will.

Will: Has anyone ever told you you have really pretty eyes?
Janie: No.
Will: I wouldn't think they would, because you don't.

He's gazing into them, clearly joking. They start singing together and...



Blogger Adam's Mom said...

I think Erika looks like Ponch from the show Chips LOL

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Janelle said...

I have a question for everyone...I keep forgetting to ask. Has anyone noticed the mark on Janie's upper chest? Kind of resembles a hickie or is it a birthmark? Just wondering :-)

9:29 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

i noticed it too.. no clue what it is though. perhaps a war wound from a comp...

12:13 PM  

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