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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Haircuts & Sabotage

Will's finally letting Janie give him a haircut...

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It's a bit of a mess, so Will goes inside to fix it himself, and while he's in there, Erika takes the opportunity to corner Janie again.

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7:15pm BBT - 7:45pm BBT
Will comes out a couple minutes later, notices the change in Janelle, who goes quickly inside, and tries to deal with it... but not before Erika tells him, "I just wanna let you know, kiddo - I'm campaining hard against you."

Will goes immediately back inside, and gets back with Janelle.

Janie: Erika said Boogie was talking about how you guys were gonna beat me in the final 3, and Boogie and you were gonna do the final 2 jury stuff from the pool. How you guys were planning on winning the final HoH...

Will: What Boogie said to me today was that he was really concerned, because of how close we are.

Will: I'm not gonna mislead you... etc etc etc

Erika in the backyard, talking to herself...
Erika: It's coming along... in the last moments.. I'll tell her he called her a slut. That could work.

BATHROOM - Will, Janie, Boogie
Boogie's "openly" discussing how he wants to be in the final 2, how it's very important to him. Will's saying he understands his role. Janie's listening silently.

Boogie: Here's the thing, if the winner has what I was suggesting, then that kind of motivates the parties in such a way that everyone's happy.
Boogie: It should give Janelle the motivation to miss you for 4 days and keep me for final 2. I mean, I'm the most attractive option for f2 for anyone in this house.
Will: Nothing that can happen in here will ever change the way I feel about the 2 of you.
Boogie: Nothing against you or anyone else, but Will and I have never misrepresented how we'd be in the final 2.
Boogie: So when Erika says, oh I told Janelle you were gonna sit in the pool and do final 2... that's nothing against you.. we're just obnoxious.
Will: Scrubika's making her feel weird, which is making me feel weird.

Boogie leaves so Will can talk to Janelle alone.

Whispering... then...

Janie: You don't want me to take you?
Will: No, of course I do, but you have to think about who you can beat easier, and I think that's Boogie. I want you to look out for yourself first... My advice to you, as your friend, or as whatever is to do what's best for you. But Scrubika's proven time and time again to be untrustworthy... and she has a much better chance of winning final HoH than Boogie or I.
Will: Scrubika just sucks. ... She makes you worried and sad, and I hate that.

He continues to slam Erika a bit more... imho, she deserves it.

Things get pretty well resolved, until the next Erika sneak attack.

Will and Janie are now hopping into the shower, and then planning on gettting their suits on and easing into the hot tub. Gettim', Janie girl. ;)


Blogger Heidi said...

I'll be glad when Erika is GONE

9:04 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

me too... I'm really hoping her plan is foiled...

9:12 PM  
Anonymous c said...

While I do want Erika gone on Tuesday, I also want Janelle to know the truth about what's been going on behind her back. I hate to see her taken advantage of by CT.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually feel bad for Erika, although I do want her gone. She is a very sad woman, no self esteem, and no working brain cells.

I do hope Janie corners Will and calls him on his comments.

Wake up, Janie!!

10:08 PM  

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