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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Slumber Party

OK... so Will and Janie decided to have a slumber party in the red room last night. Enormous bed, pillow wall to keep it PG-13, and well... To say the least, this is must see video. There is no nookie at all, but plenty of content. If you've only got time for one, and you've had enough of the flirtmance, go straight to part 3, Will lets on to Jani about James' and Kaysar's pre-show alliances with Chilltown, among others.

Part One

Part 2

Part 3

OK, so it's all under the heading of, the more I tell her, the more she'll trust me, and none of this sh-t matters now anyways... hehe.. it's still good to see. Here's the question: Does our girl realize he's now babysitting her the same way he did Erika during DaniNutJob week? My take is, she probably does, but it just doesn't matter.. he's the most fun in the house, and he can babysit all he wants.


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