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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Chick Town Epiphany

Erika and Janelle are in the bathroom talking while Janelle looks like she is getting ready for the second part of the HoH competition. They just put it ALL together! They now know that the game plan was to make everyone think that they were in Chill Town...James, Danielle, Janelle, Erika, Chicken George and so on.

Girls, I could have told you that weeks ago!!
What took ya so long?!!
Or, should I say, better late than never!!

Janelle: I wonder why Danielle didn't warn us more, unless she had something with them. (Chill Town)
Erika: She was with them. I tested her when I was HOH.
Janelle: I bet she thought she was part of Chill Town too.
Erika: OMG, she did!
Janelle: Yep, she thought she was sooo safe, so did James.
Erika: Damn, damn!
Janelle: They're good!
Erika: Yea.
Janelle: They had Danielle thinking she was part of Chill Town.
Erika: I was testing her when I said if Janelle wins veto and I put up Will, she said she'd keep him and get rid of Chicken George.
Janelle: Oh God, we've got to win this one or he (Boogie) will win the game. You know Will will be telling them "yeah, we played you guys".
Erika: Danielle as part of Chill Town. Shit!
Janelle: She was!
Erika: That's why her and the HOH. I won, she felt safe.
Janelle: Why would she tell Chicken George we had a truce?
Erika: Oh my God!
Janelle: We definitely took out the best player in the game.
Erika: Oh God, they played us so good.
Janelle: And everyone else, too!
Erika: Danielle as part of Chill Town, James was part of Chill Town, and they couldn't control Chicken George.
Janelle: They knew that he (CG) wanted to keep you and me in the game.
Erika: Oh my God! Holy shit those boys are really smart.
Janelle: Really smart!
Erika: We figured it out in tmie. Oh my f'in God! Now I want to have his baby. He didn't bank on the fact that we figured it out last night. They kept the hatred between us growing by telling each of us that they hated us. Damn that's good! Oh my God, that's really good!
Janelle: Will must be saying "how did my plan not work out?"
Erika: He didn't think I'd figure it out. He underestimated me. I might not be the most intelligent person but I can sometimes figure things out.
Janelle: Danielle was part of Chill Town.
Erika: Oh God! James and Danielle thought they were part of Chill Town, too. That's good, really good!
Janelle: Out of all those people they trusted, we would do what they wanted.
Erika: That's why they were both put in here. I'm in awe.
Janelle: Me too! That's why they always told everyone they were safe. Because everyone thought they (CT) were on their side.
Erika: They did not bank on me winning that veto. They were sending me home.
Janelle: Yep.
Erika: They were shocked! I should have seen it earlier. I was too busy flirting with him.
Janelle: Didn't you wonder why i was putting up Chicken George and not someone from Chilltown?
Erika: Yea, I should have seen it. I could have put it together but it was the fast forward week. That's why Danielle thought she was so safe!
Janelle: Yep.
Erika: You know what else was an indicator to me? You voted out James.
Janelle: Yep. Why would I vote out my own alliance?
Erika: I should have put it together ealier. I'm so f'in stupid.
Janelle: We got played!
Erika: It's good, it's really good. I've got to give it to them.
Janelle: They probably had James in on it early, too because James was in on voting out Howie.
Erika: That's why they wanted Howie out. Because they knew they couldn't get Howie and Marcellas, too. It's good!
Janelle: He (Will) was always like "Janelle, I'm crazy like a fox and you are like a bunny." He thinks he's so smart and they underestimated me!
Erika: They didn' think I'd figure it out. That's why he's (Boogie) trying to convince you I was playing him the whole time.
Janelle: Boogie isn't as good as him (Will)!
Erika: He never thought the 2 girls would get together.
Janelle: Oh my God! Will's goodbye message...
Erika: They are really good at this game!


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