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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Part 1 of HoH Comp

Last night after the show, I was doing my rounds in the chat rooms. Of course, a lot of the chat was about Will's eviction and Janelle making it happen. Also, many people were discussing the HoH competition. Some did not see Janelle let go of her key. A few were claiming, the video shown after the commercial break, was footage at the start of the comp when Julie asked Janelle if she was ready. Janelle seems to think that was the only time she let go, too. Janelle actually let go of her key when Boogie jumped off the volcano. To take a line from Danielle....the proof is in the pudding! Here's the video...


Blogger Marcel and Lisa said...

Thank you for posting this video!! As soon as she let go of it I looked at my husband and said "OMG Janelle just let go of her key!!" And I was going on and on about it and was glad to see that someone else saw it and it was clearly taken care of. In her defense though, it was so subtle and quick that she probably just didn't realize it happened...but that's the game ppl.


1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree it is a game.. CBS must be kicking themselves. Imagine the amount of money blown in 3 minutes.So much for Endurance. LOL

3:42 PM  
Blogger rrhoop5469 said...

Can you please tell give me the html for this video? I've did some searchers and looked at a few of my regulars who post a lot of BB7 videos and no one had it.

I would like to send this video to CBS and complain about how it was rigged. Julie NEVER told them they had to have both hands on the key. Erika asked Julie if both hands had to be on it and Julie said "for now, yes" and that was it. What if the other players didn't hear Erika? Erika isn't the host or rule reader, Julie was and Julie didn't state the rules. They should redo the 1st comp.

6:26 AM  

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