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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Girl Talk

Apart from a tiny bit of chat time with Boogie, which I covered last night, as it was happening, Janelle and Erika spent the night together talking. Here are the more pertinent excerpts. Line breaks indicate the passage of time...

11:40pm BBT
Janelle and Erika are searching the house...
Erika: Big Brother, we're missing competition gloves that are imperative. We need Jedi Janie's gloves.
Erika: Maybe the asshole (Boogie) took them.
Janie: Nah.

10 minutes later...

Janelle still can’t find her gloves…
Janie: That’s so weird. Do you think Boogie took them?
Erika: If he did, I’m gonna have to kill him.
Jani: I’m gonna go shower.
Erika: Ok I’ll be here, licking my wounds.
Janelle goes off to shower

12:45am BBT
BACKYARD - Erika & Janie
Erika: Did you ever kiss Will?
Janie: (laughs, blushes) I can't tell you.
Janie gives Erika a look, and she's blushing.
Erika: (laughs) How many times? Was it under the covers?
Janelle good-naturedly ignores the question, and simply says
Janie: I feel so stupid.
Erika: (re Boogie) We need to pour a bucked of water on him.
Erika: We need to f'in torment his ass.
Janie: They loved messing with us. It was a big game to them! That was their entertainment for the day - to screw with us.
Erika: You were so good tonight, dude. You were awesome.
Erika: Did he kiss you goodbye?
Janie: Twice. He was really sweet when he left.
Erika & Janie reach out their hands to eachother simultaneously and say, "Good Game!!"

1:40am BBT
BACKYARD - Erika and Janie
Erika: I just loved watching Boogie on the couch today, like, let's lay down like this! Yeh!!
Janie: They were so cocky!
Erika: Cocky, arrogant f-cks. When they threw that bank thing in there, I was just like, if that was any indication, I mean, if you were wavering at all! They were just helping my case! I was just like, you boys!
    ***huh?musta been flames on - i have no clue what she's referring to.

Janie: I wasn't wavering. After what you told me last night, about how you were in Chilltown, and they had told me the exact same thing, um, at that point, I just wanted to play Will.
Erika: You were good today, too, so good.
Janie: I was throwing up a storm today, too! I was like, "we'll celebrate tonight, we'll be final 3!! I'll still take you to final 2!" He was like, "You will?" I was like (batting eyelashes) "Of course I will! You're my dream man!"
Erika: I wonder if they feel played. They were so played.
Janie starts singing "How does it feel"


1:45 AM
Janie: I think Boogie is really hurt.
Janie: He's so hurt that Will is gone. He didn't think we were capable of that. He is totally shocked. Last night, I was telling Will "Oh I always trusted you more than James!"
Erika: I could see your shift when he came out here, he was like, come to bed Janelle and tell me your secrets and stories! Scumbag.
Janie: They were scared of Danielle, because she could see through them.
Janie: They weren't afraid that she'd win, but they knew she saw through them. I hate them!!! Ewww!!!
Erika: Boogie is such a brat when he loses. Like in the pool. I kicked his ass.
Janie: Would it just be wrong if I wore my tiara to the final two?
Erika: It would be wrong if you didn't!
Janie: Would they take me serious though? Hi, guys!
Erika: We have to get really dressed up.
Janie: It will be so awesome if I win tomorrow and we can do this!
Erika: You so will. You're gonna win. I'll distract him all day, just bug him, and sing. How can we drive him totally crazy? We have to plan it. What would drive him totally nuts?
Janie: Sing country music.
Janie: I can't believe I evicted Will tonight! He's never been evicted.

2:10am BBT
Still in the Backyard...
Janie and Erika have vowed to take eachother to the Final 2, but they'll each tell Boogie they knwo they can beat him, so they'll take him.
Janie: I'll just tell Boogie that I know I can beat him, no way will I take you to the Final 2.
Janie:(sadly) Will told me I pissed off a lot of people in the jury.
Erika: Who did you piss off? One person? Marci? I voted off more people than you did though... Will was a good one!
Both Laugh
Erika: Oh My God! I can't wait. Will has to take that tape with him!
Janie: OH MY GOD!!
(they both laugh)
Janie: He has to take the tape! He won't want to. He'll have to show it to everyone, "I vote to evict... you, Will!"
Janie: Even in your speech, they didn't see it coming. You're like, "I respect your decision." They're thinking, like, "Whatever, Erika. Just shut up and go home!"
Janie: They didn't see it coming... even at the end.
Erika: So confident. So confident.

3:00am BBT
BATHROOM - Janie and Erika
Janie: I'm so embarrassed. I wonder what our family and friends are thinking now.
Erika: They're thinking, "why aren't those girls seeing what's going on?"
Janie: I was always with Will. I never talked to Boogie. I didn't need to. It was "the Big Picture," that's what really got me. Oh, my God - They piss me off.
Erika: They would have never split it with us, either.
Janie: I really believed them.
Erika: I didn't.
Janie: You didn't?
Erika: I mean, I was worried about it, but I didn't.
Discussing who they'd have brought to F2...
Janie: I would have gotten rid of Will, he was more a guaranteed win than Boogie. I mean, if I was in the final 3 with them. I think Will thought I was taking him to the Final 2.
Erika: No, he didn't. I asked him. You know, he does that little (shrug). He's such an asshole.
    *** I'm hating Erika right now. :(

Erika: You're going to win today, Janie.
Janie: This one's for Howie.

3:15am BBT
Janie: I can't stop thinking about Boogie's expression.
Janie: That will make me smile for years!
Erika: (quoting Jan's speech) "I know I've made a lot of mistakes. So, well... "

Janie is in hysterics.

Janie: Will's an asshole.
Erika: So is Boogie. Let's break their glasses.
Janie: I'll never forget his expression. I'll always smile about it.
Erika: You want your boyfriend's key? Paging Doctor Delicious!
Janie: Paging Doctor Delicious! At least we get our keys back tomorrow.


Anonymous Stephen said...

The bank comment thing was when CT said something about already planning on driving to the bank of america with their checks! It pissed the girls off. The girls talked about it really late last night... i couldnt sleep so i stayed up and watched every second of those girls talking... haha. Good thing my time and big brother time are the same! :) In fact... im only like 45 minutes from them, i hope i get tickets to the finale!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Haha, i think the best part of that convo was when Erika plans on stealing a CT shirt from Boogie before his eviciton and she and Janelle are going to burn it on the final 2 live show!

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

pleeeeeze don't rell me that Erika will scumbag Janie!! I will be pissed!

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paris Says...

So why does boggie think that one of the girls will take him. I mean I know they are telling him that now as pay back but he threw the HOH part 1 competition and his reasoning was that they have to take him.

They don't have to take him. JaneY can win against anyone. Thats the truth boggie or erika.

Maybe Erika can only beat boogie in the final two

DOESNT he realize that its over? he is done. CHILLTOWN IS GONE...once
janey wins this competition there is no doubt in my mind that BOGGIE is getting kicked out by his balls.

I am so happy for these girls. Truthfully erika and Janelle were friends in the beginning...I think chilltown turned them on each other ...anyway there back and badder than ever
and Janelle is without a doubt going to win this game.

She is amazing. she has really good charecteristics... I really think she is someone special.

bye bye bitches....very funny and now
now who is the bunny bitch ...hahah
paris crush xoxoxo

12:14 PM  

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