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Friday, September 01, 2006

Erika Heard It All

BACKYARD - Will, Boogie, Janie, Erika
12:55pm BBT
They're talking about possibility of football game as luxury comp....
Erika goes inside, in search of food. After waiting a couple minutes to make sure she's in to stay a while....

Will, Boogie and Janie talk about the conversation/argument between Will and Janie in the storage room last night that Erika overheard - listening intently at the door.

Will: SO Erika heard that whole conversation.
Boogie: She said something to you?
Will: yeah.
Boogie: What'd she say?
Will: She was like, "I heard a lot of that...
Boogie: Does she have concerns?
Will: Yeah, she was just like, look, I know you guys are trying to get me out...
Will laughs.
Janie giggles.
Boogie: But, I mean, did she say it in the context of all 3 of us?
Will: Nah.. I was just like, well.. I don't know what I said...
Boogie: Did you tell her you were just saying that?
Will: I was like, we were drunk, we were having an argument...
Boogie: When was that?
Will: Last night.
Boogie: I mean when did she say it last night?
Will: (inaudible)

With less than 2 weeks left, the rest of the season is free on the feeds. Now's a great time to get your feet wet, so to speak, and give the feeds a try. You'll never watch Big Brother without 'em again. When the show's over, the choice is yours whether to continue or not...

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Anonymous cindy said...

Boogie wants Erika to leave thinking still thinking she is part of CT so that he gets her vote if he is at the end. I would love to see Janelle tell Erika the whole truth right before she leaves.

2:40 PM  

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