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Sunday, September 10, 2006


Saturday, September 9th

Since not too many people are really watching the feeds anymore, I thought it apropos to give a full day recap for yesterday.

The day started out with both Boogie and Erika very nervous about the questioning from the jury. Mostly, it was Erika that was on edge, and Boogie was just taking it as is comes. Even at this late stage of the game, his actions and words today have him growing on me...

Boogie: If any of you saw Erika's speeches all season, I gotta think you like my chances. I don't gotta say anything really. I could probably just stand up and say "go ahead and vote for the best player guys, thank you for your time" It's wrap city.

After this little tidbit, there was nothing interesting to report for about 4 hours. Erika showered, changed and did her hair, and re-did her hair, and re-did her hair... then paces and put on makeup and picked at her face.

Boogie, meanwhile, spent this time listening to music and napping... until we heard the blessed voices of the evicted HGs coming over the feeds- how we've missed them!
They were chatting outside, being directed by production, and then the feeds went to flames for about 2 1/2 hours.

When CBS doused the flames, our final 2 were discussing the evening of quesitoning from the jury, and doing some pretty intense bashing, mostly of Janie, and mostly from Erika.

Erika went on and on about Janelle saying that Janelle was jealous of her. Both Boogie and Erika suggest from their comments that Janie really did a number on them.

Sensing that the tension was now over, since now their fate was completely in the hands of the jury, Erika attempts to rekindle the romance.

Erika: Now we can kiss.

They start going at it, but Boogie's just not into it. They go into the storage room to see if there's any more wine for them...

Erika: Are you sick of me?
Boogie: Not you the situation.

Because it's convenient and a good way to stay off the topic of their Homance, they go after Janelle again, calling her crazy and saying she sounded drunk.

Erika: The pretty girl was sitting in the spotlight, and Janelle was jealous of that.
    ***Erika, what color is the sky in your world?

Then Erika and Boogie dissolve into an argument, caused mainly by Erika's delusions of grandeur.
Erika: It was me that got Howie out.
Boogie says it was him.
Erika: Will's not going to be able to sway any votes for you.
Boogie: I think I have Will, Janelle and James. Howie's up in the air. It just depends of Janelle can sway his vote, or if his manhood gets in the way.

Erika's delusions continue:

Erika: Are you going to ask me to marry you?
Boogie: No. I didn't think you wanted me to do that.
Erika: Well, not on the finale anyway...

Then they got into a discussion of all the alliances, and Boogie tells her about almost everything, including "the Perfect Storm" with Howie and Janelle, which only lasted a week... Then he tells her about the "Legion of Doom," which has her cracking up at the name. He doesn't mention "Operation Double Date," yet.

Erika's response to all this is...
Erika: Well, that's why I had to vote out Will.
Seems she forgot who voted that week.

Erika gets hungry again and fixes herself more Ramen with creamer, "to make it creamy." Gross.

The mix of alcohol and MSG from the ramen must have caused further imbalance in Erika's brain. She goes on a rant, insisting to Boogie that if it was her and Janelle in the final 2, she would have won.

Erika: If it was Janelle and myself, I would have won. No way Marcellas would have voted for Janelle. George, Danielle, you and probably Will would have all voted for me. That would have been 5 for me, 2 for her.

Erika goes on and on, congratulating herself about being the best player in the game. She takes credit for all the evictions, including Howie and James, and ofc ourse, Danielle. She tells Boogie she knew about all the Chilltown alliances, even as she continues to ask him about them. Boogie's still not saying anything about Operation Double Date.

Erika: (again!) I took Will out, and I fell for the puppetmaster's best friend.

Boogie and Erika talk more about the evicted HGs.

Boogie: Jase thought we threw him under the bus.
Erika: Everyone thought CT threw them under the bus, they did.
    ***a moment of clarity??

Erika: Except for me, because I persuaded that f'ing blonde bitch to vote Will out instead...and now she's being played by Will in sequester.
Boogie: (calling Erika on her crap) Oh, I thought she was straight jealous.
    ***this was Erika's previous assessment.

Erika: Yeah, she's that too.
Erika: Janelle wanted all the women out, so she could have all the guys around protecting her.

Erika goes away for a moment, and Boogie seems quite greatful! He asks the control booth:
Boogie: Should I tell her about Operation Double Date now?
The camera doesn't respond to him. He was looking for a nod.
Erika comes back... and Boogie totally calls Erika on her bs, and rises 20 steps in my personal estimation:

Boogie: No offense, but if Janie were in the final two, she has that thing that you don't.
Erika: That thing?
Boogie: The same kind of thing Will has that I don't, that je ne sais quoi, that makes people want to be around them and like them.

Erika holds tightly to her little blanket of denial, still convinced she could have beaten Janelle.

Erika continues to bash the jury, and mostly Janelle.
Erika: Why are they mad at me?? They're all just flip flopping till the end.
Erika: Janelle's jealous of my hot body. The reason I have such a hot body is I've never had a baby and I've danced for 25 years.
Erika: I wish I hadn't done allstars... It might taint our relationship.

With this, Boogie's had enough. He tells her about Operation Double Date.

Boogie: It was all in fun, but it will definitely be something you hear about.
Erika: What else? 'Cause my brother is big, protective and really into Martial Arts.
Boogie: Which in particular?
Erika: Nunchucks... he is one of the world.
Boogie: Oh Great!
Erika: Whatever, we were playing you as much as you were playing us.

Boogie laughs his butt off.

Nonplussed, Erika launches her tongue back down Boogie's throat. Boogie's words and actions make it quite clear, he'd rather be eating slop.

Erika's delusions continue well into the night, and extend well beyond Janelle. At 2:30am, here's what she had to say. lmao.

Erika: Will never protected you, Boogie, I did.
Boogie: You're making this point that Will played me. He didn't play me, I let him make me look the the hitman. Well, we'll see Tuesday.
Erika: Yeah, well, I took out the master.
Boogie: I could tell from thier tone of voices... I hate to break it to you.
Erika: But I took out the brains of Chilltown.
    ***lol! ok, i actually agree with her here, inasmuchas Will was the brains, heart and soul of chilltown, but it's not an offensive I'd advise launching whilst trying to get a guy.

Boogie: Are you sure? Watch the show.
Boogie's had enough. He's pissed, and he can't hide it anymore. He leaves the hot tub.
Erika: Why are you mad?
Boogie: Because you are insulting me.
Erika: Obviously after tonite I don't think I am going to win. Why are you mad?
    ***ok, sybil

Boogie: I don't have to be in his shadow.
Erika: But people who do the work don't get credit, it's the strategist.
Boogie: (indicating the two of them in the final 2) Why do you think this happened?

Erika: Boogie, come on. I told Janelle I would take her, 'cause I thought your game was better. I did not want to go up against you.
Boogie: So when did you decide? When did you lie to me? What would have happened if you won last part hoh?
Erika: I had decided I would let destiny decide. If I lost it was up to you, if I won I would decide then.
Boogie: Right then and there? So it was a little bit of a relief to lose.

Erika: Boogie!! Come here... Don't be mad at me, Boogie.
Erika: Boogie, Why are you mad at me?
Boogie: (decides to take the high road, for now) It's just a wierd position we're in and I'm buzzed and I had that turkey burger...
Erika: It's not weird. It's over.
Boogie leaves.
Erika: Brat. Fine. Go do your thing. Such an asshole.

Shortly, Erika goes in and takes a shower. Then she finds Boogie and tries to get him to talk to her, playing the "poor me" card.
Boogie: Listen, we are both buzzed. Let’s talk about it tomorrow at lunch.

Boogie goes to sleep. Erika, pissed she's not getting any, goes outside.

Erika: Piss off, Boogie.
Erika: We hate eachother.

Erika then goes on a mad hunt for a cigarette butt. She finds one, smokes it, then goes inside, stands over Boogie's bed, he's either sleeping or ignoring her, paces, takes a pill and goes to bed.


Anonymous Kim said...

hahahhahahaha Poor Erika. That house is REALLY getting to her. She thinks she's prettier than Janelle...I mean has she really looked in the mirror. Someone needs to let her know that there is nothing beautiful about skin and bones. Oh and fried, stringy hair.
Like Will said, "she's an x-ray with hair." He couldn't have said it any better than this. She's the one that is jealouse of Janelle because Janelle worked her arse off to be in the end. She should be in the final 2. Blech! Erika annoys me!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That ALMOST makes me wish I still had the live feeds!!!!!!!!!!!

12:10 PM  
Anonymous danielle said...

So, Erica thinks way tooooooo much plastic surgery, which by the way no ones lips are suppose to stretch the whole width of their face, makes one prettier. Joke. Janelle has fake boobs and that's it. She's naturally pretty, I believe Will told her this at one point. Eric needs to buy a clue.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I really don't like Erika.
She ACTUALLY thinks she can beat Janelle in the end if they were in F2 together?
Pretty sure Will, Danielle, George and even Boogie would vote for Janelle. Will, Danielle and Boogie seem like the kind of people who would vote for the best player, and not vote emotionally.
I just can't respect Erika as a game player cause she never took any risks since she doesn't have a backbone. The only time she played the game was in desperation.

poor girl, can't wait till she watches the show

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erika is so in la la land...boy is she in for huge reality check when she leaves the house. More beautiful than Janelle!? hahaha..yeah in Erika's dreams.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erika is really living in a fantasy
world. She is in complete denial.
According to her, it was her and her alone that got Will out of the house. Unless I missed something, Janelle was the one who voted Will out, although Erika was the one who convinced her to do it. Out of all these weeks, Erika feels that this is the thing that should make her the winner. Wow, dillusions.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does ANYONE feel the least bit sorry for this woman???? I am certainly no fan of hers....but c'mon people....she's completely delusional and a train wreck ready to happen. She has lost SOOOO much in this game (much of it her own fault)....but some of this is going to come as a toal shock to her. I hope Dr. Zachary starts working with her NOW and continues with her well after the show. I feel nothing but complete and total pity for her. No resentment. It's not very much fun to ANYONE completely lose it....and she has lost's just sad and pitiful.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Christine said...

OMGOODNESS. Someone needs to instigate operation Clock-A-Hoe. I can't take her talking about Janelle like that with no real rebut. Its insane. I couldn't have conceived she was this insane. really. I hope the real world will wake her up soon.


2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Mike. Nothing is worse than being stuck with a girl who really likes you but that you can stand to be around!

Oh, and Will and Janelle would be awesome in Amazing Race; I'd actually watch the show!


5:59 PM  
Anonymous SUSAN said...


6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boogie TB

5:21 AM  
Blogger michelle said...

Amen Susan :)
Erika looks like someone from NIPTUCK way too much plastic surgery.(minus the deformed hands)
for one erika does NOT look healthy. for two she has no right talking about Janie being chubby. if Janie gained 50 pounds she would still look better than Erika.
ok lets not even talk about looks now............
Janelle = sweet and sensetive
Erika = bitter old and evil

9:11 AM  

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