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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Post Show Will & Janelle

Here's what eonline has to say with regard to Will's feelings for Janelle from a post eviction interview:

"I talked to Dr. Will on Friday, who seemed pretty happy with how long Operation Double Date lasted. He told me his main goal was to create buzz around him and Boogie, so that The Amazing Race would consider them a worthy team!"

& with regard to Janelle:

"He said he has no hard feelings about the eviction, but apparently he has no real interest in her...although his real-life girlfriend, For Love or Money winner Erin Brody(!), isn't totally convinced of that. She's not happy with him and his Janelle antics in the house, and their relationship is in trouble because of it. He seemed genuinely concerned, telling me he loves Erin very much. He said she's really confused, because Janelle is nothing like her, and nothing like the women he would normally be attracted to: 'Erin is an adult--professional, poised, classy. Janelle is superfun, boisterous and voluptuous, but she's someone I would've been interested in 10 years ago.' "


Anonymous Anonymous said... thinks he doth protest too much! Sour one believes that Will

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Erin should be concerned, Will couldn't possibly be that good of an actor. Erin should also catch Janelles interview on HouseCalls where she says that they kissed several times discretely and that the wispering was about him breaking up with Erin and having Janelle move in with him. Will has a reason to lie Janelle doesn't.

4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I guess that puts to rest the thought that Will really did have feelings for Janelle. I think Erin should be very concerned, game or no game, love doesn't allow you to act that way to another.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will is not going to say YES I feel in love with janie, not to anyone except Janie until this all blows over... those looks he gave her and the way he smiled at her was not part of the game... it was real he needs to follow his heart where ever that might lead...

8:59 PM  
Anonymous Meemma said...

I know that I'm in the minority on this one and so many people want the fantasy, but I have learned that if you listen to people talk, they will show you who they are.

Will does NOT want to be with Janie. He just doesn't. He's said it many times and I believe him. When a man really wants to be with a woman, there is nothing or no one who can stop him. No. One. It's over guys. The fantasy, the cutesiness, the adorableness is over. And now, on to the next reality tv showmance. *sigh*

1:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will . . .you can't be serious about still wanting Erin. You describe her as adult, professional, poised and classy. Sounds like a "cold fish". Remember on her show she picked the money. And she will again when someone with more comes along. On the live feeds you said that she wanted you to go on Bachelor, as you might find someone you love more. She is giving you the out! Take it . .move on. Janelle makes you laugh, she is caring and beautiful. She has a wonderful soul and she will never be boring. She has your back and she believes in you! Your glass will be full . . .

7:23 AM  

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