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Friday, September 01, 2006

Will She or Wont She

2:35pm BBT
We've had flames for the past half hour now, so I *thought* nominations were afoot. Apparently, I thought wrong. Flames cut out to reveal Janie, in between Will and Boogie in the HoH bed, and Erika downstairs in the Red Room, also napping.

There's no hanky panky going on, just a bed built for 3... ;)

FYI, Will and Janie appear to be back on very level ground. While the boys seem to have been working both sides of the fence today, keeping Erika happy, they also seem to be more truly alligned with Janie... Especially when talking about Erika, the new name Will created for her, while in a DR session with Janie last night, "Scrubika" ... and mostly, Boogie talking about his DR session where's he's like, "I'm going to hell... this chick thinks she's gonna have my baby... she wants to move to Atlanta with me... I'm goin' to hell." Also, the boys likely feel that Janie is Will's only true ticket to safety after the Veto Comp, so it's in their best interest as Chilltown to keep her over Erika.

Here's what I'm wondering. Should either of the women win the Veto, will either of them do what's truly necessary to break up Chilltown, once and for all? Boogie's game would crumble without Will. Frankly, I'd hate to see Will go, just for sheer entertainment value, as well as the incredible game he's played, but in order for Erika to stand a chance in the F2, and to a lesser degree, Janie too, Will has to be removed. Not that I think either will do it.

The only way I can see it happening is if Erika wins Veto, and gets more nervous about being taken to the final 2 in the "bro's before ho's" scenario, than she is about Janelle being a competition goddess.

And you?

By the way.. it's now 3pm BBT, and they're all still napping.

3:15pm, Will got up to go to the bathroom, went downstairs to do it, and crawled back into bed... but in the Ant Room.


Anonymous Stephen said...

I think that Chill town is in the final 3 no matter what... Janelle will definitley take Erika out if given the chance but there is a small possibility that she thinks she has the best chance of beating Janelle in the finals and may keep her around... who knows.. its big brother.. expect the unexpected!

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i doubt it will happen because its pretty easy to convince anyone that having janelle in the final 3 is stupid for the competitions...the only way will would get to final 2 probably is if someone chose him to go...and i was just thinking about the chill +janie alliance...they (or prob just will who convinced boogie) really must want janie in the final 2...y else would they bring her to final 3...they cant beat...or atleast have very lil chance...maybe its will if he or boogie doesnt win the comp...janie might pick him (even though she said she thought she would lose) because of her affection for him...i dont know y boogie wouldnt wanna keep erika...if he doesnt win in final comp she for sure will choose him (maybe he thinks he couldnt beat her...) i dunno this is all very odd...

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Meemma said...

One can dream Carolyn. One can dream. Those two need to wake-the-eff-up and see that they have a chance to go the F2 if they et rid of those two.

I think they need to stop doing CT's dirty work for them...which is their brilliant strategy, btw.

Advice to Janie and Erika: ban together and get rid of the bros. Use their strategy back on them. Get some Girl Power ladies!

3:33 PM  
Anonymous christina said...

The chance that was given to Erika and Janelle last night was their last and they blew it. Janelle should have nominated Will and Boogie and gotten rid of one of them. Their second chance came when Erika won POV and they blew it again.
I really thought that at least Janelle was smarter than that - and they are both still letting Willboogie do whatever they want. It is getting pathetic to watch at this point.
All Will had to do after their "fight" was say she was pretty and all was forgotten....I cannot believe the low self-esteem I am witnessing.... Both girls are gonna need some big-time therapy after all this. Those guys are playing them like a 50-cent CD

3:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was the one that said Erika would would vote out Will if she won POV and am sticking to it.

The more interesting question I think is how far does Will let the "flirtmance" go if Janie wins POV? Does he finally give her what she desires to secure her vote?


4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The absolute smartest thing to do is for one of the women to win the veto and then get rid of CT. Make a pact with one another to take the other to the finals. I think that they both would have a 50/50 chance of winning the money, other than agains Will or Boogie.

Of course that's the last thing that will happen, the smartest thing is always tjhe furthest from everyone's minds.


8:35 PM  

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