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Friday, July 28, 2006

Big Day Ahead!

OK... Last night we had an eviction, and HoH Comp - Yayyyy Janie!! - and then the Food Comp. Today, we'll have nominations, and tomorrow the Veto Comp. What the HGs don't know is that thanks to Big Brother, they won't be getting any sleep tonight. lol. Should be a great night on the feeds! :)

OK.. here's the "morning" update - Everyone but Danielle slept in till 11:00am, when BB woke them up.

By 11:20am, Dr. Evil and his Booger were in the Backyard plotting...
BACKYARD - Near Hammock - Will and Boogie
Erika Approaches.
Will: Can you give us a few minutes alone?
Erika steps off.
Will: (to Boogie re Conversastion with Howie and Janie) I told them, if you put up me and a floater as a sign of good faith, you are safe for one week, then I'm gonna go...
Will: ...but if you don't, and you put up Boogie and a floater, then you will have enraged me, and I will come after you like hell, and I will rain on you like f-ing anvils, and I will send you home.
Will: don't be fools, the whole house is coming after you, but what you Don't want is ME coming after you, I am the smartest person you've ever met. I can memorize everything on the wall in three seconds. I will CRUSH you.

Danielle joins them in the backyard.

Will: If I don't eat slop, it will breach my contract and they can expel me. Production's pissed and they think I should chill. ...At least they admitted that the food competition sucked.


Regarding Erika and the food comp.
Danielle: It is what it is.
Will: It's over now.
Danielle: I didn't say anything, because you need votes. So don't try to call people out.
Boogie: Who are noms?
Danielle: Not him.
Will: I had a convo with them last night, this is what happened, Danielle..

Empty HoH Bathroom.

11:30am BBTime
HOH ROOM - Janelle
Janelle's lavishing in her pink bed. Awake and thinking about something. She walks down to the red room to get her sunglasses. Diane talks about putting on a swimsuit. She walks around the house, yawning.

BB: I SAID, it's time to get up for the day!

Chicken George is in the kitchen, counting off the people that aren't eating. Everyone's getting ready for the day.

HOH ROOM - Janie & Marcellas
Janie:(joking)I'm mad at you.
He's lying there while Janie looks for her flipflops.

BB: This is a lockdown. Please go outside into the backyard and lock the sliding glass door.

Janelle finds her shoes out by the chessboard. She descends the stairs.

KITCHEN - lots of HGs
HOWIE: You're so cute, Janie.
JANELLE: You're my beefcake, Howie.

As Janelle is pouring her cereal, Boogie and Will are murmurring in the background. As Will walks away, janey asks him what Boogie said, but he doesn't reply. Will goes to use the HOH bathroom.
Boogie:(to Howie)You, me, and Janelle are going to have to have a discussion later.


KITCHEN - Howie, James.
Howie: Boogie wants to talk to me and Janelle.
James: (kidding)I'm never invited to the fun.
Howie: You can come anyway.
James: No... I won't, I wasn't invited.

James leaves, and Howie's alone in the kitchen.

More to come very soon.... Try refreshing... ;)


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