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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

HoH Crashers

4:45 BBTime
KITCHEN - James, Kaysar, janey, Marcellas, Danielle, Erika, Chicken George

Danielle's trying to cook something...
Chatter about Janelle being the most popular HG....

HOH ROOM - Will & Boogie

Casual conversation about Marcellas not eating for a week, while Will is flipping the spy screen to different rooms...
    ***They're certainly making themselves at home in there.
    By the way Will's talking, you'd think they already held the HoH comp

Will: Of the 4 bb6 people, who should it be? James would be the easiest to get rid of, but I want to get Howie out. He's dumbest of the 4.
Boogie: I don't know who weakens them the most. Janelle is the smartest, and out of the girls she is the most physical. Getting rid of Howie would cut off Janelle - he's like her baby...

They are taking tremendous pleasure plotting the demise of BB6 from the HoH room... both are fantasizing about running the house...

In their ideal scenario, they put 2 of BB6 up, and if one of them wins the Veto, then they let the others in the bb6 alliance decide who goes up on the block. They'd let them think about it for the day, and if they were unable to make the decision, then it would be up to the house.
    ***It's all a bit too Sophie's Choice for my liking.

Conversation moves to James and at what point they should go to him to let him know they are going to nominate 2 of his group... and give him an 'opportunity' separate himself from the BB6 alliance...

Then they got under the covers in James' bed, and turned off the light.
BB: Houseguests, the Bedroom lights have to stay on during the daytime.
    ***Creepy buggers.

Will gets out of bed, and turns the lights back on.
Will: I'm sure BB's editing the show to make it seem like I'm definitely a goner.


Blogger Lo said...

it's funny how they both talk about putting up someone from BB6 when they've never won any competitions so far lol. I can't wait til' Boogie is targeted so he can get drunk and act a fool because he REALLY will feel threatened then lol... i really hope Janelle is the one to boot him out because of everything he's said about her...

9:27 PM  

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