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Wednesday, July 26, 2006


12:20am Big Brother Savings Time ;)
HOH ROOM - Jase, Janey, Kaysar, James
Jase: As far as honesty goes, I'm glad we can have this honesty... I told you before that I would put Janelle up out of the 4 of you, and that was because I felt like Janelle was after me.

They ask Jase where Diane is with she with him or what?

Jase: (intentionally not getting it) I think we're cool. I think she's voting to keep me.
James: You should talk to Dani. She is a person of her word. Ask her for confirmation that you have her vote. You should also to Chicken George and see where he stands.
James: So we're clear, our deal is that Season 6 and you are cool with each other, until the sequester point.
Jase: I will look at myself from this point on as the 5th member of the Santa Monica Van Boys.

James: What it comes down to is that if you get HOH, we shouldn't even have to come up to talk to we, because we will know we are safe.
Jase: Yeah, but I would like you to come up though.
Jase: I would love to be from season 6 right now, and be with you guys on a deeper level. I'm with noone right now.
James: I would personally rather be in the house with you, than any of the floaters. They never know what is going to happen in the future weeks, and none of them are safe, and they know that.

Jase: I just want you all to know that Boogie is not high on my buddy list.
James: Does that mean that if you get HOH, you'll put up Boogie and a floater?
Jase: I can do that...Boogie and a floater.
He gets up and shakes all of their hands.
Jase: OK, we shook on it, and that is my word.
Jase leaves.

Janelle: So we're keeping Jase? What do you think, Kaysar? I believe Jase, but I still feel like he's after me. I feel like he has some aggression towards women, and I'm the only woman in the group.
James: We can trust Jase more than we can trust Boogie. Boogie was in the upstairs hallway screaming about Janey being someone he wouldn't even hire.
    ***And sooo much more, James, Sooo much more.
    Shame you missed Jase's rap.

Janelle: I don't care.

feeds 1&2: HOH (James, Janie, Howie, Kaysar, Dani, Will)
feeds 3&4: backyard (Erika, Diane, Jase on red couches)

A few minutes pass...
Now with Janey, Howie, Will, Danielle, Kaysar and James
James is kidding around.
James: This is the first time it has been 3 weeks in a row that I have not been up on the next week I'm f-cked.
They all laugh.

BACKYARD: Jase, alone, sewing a shirt.

HOH ROOM - Same group.
Will: It's getting to that point that I'm getting scared to leave. I want to leave, but I'm scared about getting that first phone call and things.
They ask if he's worried that his girlfriend is going to break up with him after last night being in the bathtub with Janelle?
Will: I was never in the bathtub. That was Boogie. I never got in.

Dani leaves HOH.

Howie: Will, what do you really want?
James: Will said he wants to hang out.

To be continued...


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