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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The New Deal

12 Midnight, BBTime
BACKYARD - Danielle & Jase

Danielle: I've talked to Kaysar, but I dont think he's going to change his mind (about sending you home). He's protecting the four.
Jase: I was too honest with him. I told him I would nominate Janelle. That was a bad move.
    **Ya think?!

Dani agrees.
Jase: I miss my family, Dani. I'm ready to go home... whatever happens happens.
Danielle: I haven't given up yet. I'm just giving you an update. If Kaysar will tell me his pros and cons, I can work on that, but he hasnt told me what they are yet.
Danielle: But still, I don't think I'm going to be able to get you enough votes. Jase: Danielle, I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Jase: What about Marcellas?
Danielle: Forget it...
Jase: Marci's afraid I would be coming after him.
Danielle: Marci's also tight with his girl, too (Janey).

Howie walks over to them.
Danielle goes inside to use the bathroom.
Howie whispers to Jase to come up to HOH.

    ***Even as I sit here writing this, my head is spinning. I am in awe of Danielle's gameplay. She's like the head of this many bodied beast, turning it whichever way she pleases. Incredible game play.

HOH ROOM - James, Janey, Jase, more to come

Jase: I gave Kaysar my word, and I've given you my word that if I was to get HOH, I would not put you up.
Jase: Boogie and Will took me into their thing to throw me under the bus, and it's working perfectly. Boogie is whisper-campaigning against me.
Jase: Where do you think Boogie is now on my cool scale?
Jase: Don't you think I want to crush Boogies dreams now?
    ***hmph.. don't trust you for a second, "barwhore."

James: We dont want to assume anything...Treat us like we're dumb as f-ck and tell us outright what you are going to do, and what you are not going to do.
    Bravo, James.

Janelle: If we do keep you, we want to know that you're not going to come after us for the next two weeks until sequester.
Jase: Are you offering to keep me in the house until sequester?
Janey: That would be the agreement...You don't go after us, we don't go after you until after the sequester point in two weeks.
Jase: I just don't want to break my word to you, so whatever you hash out, I will keep my word to you, and I want your word that you will keep your word.
    ***Note to self: buy Jase a thesaurus. "Word!"

Janelle: When did you decide to go over to ChillTown?
Jase: I felt unsafe and unincluded when you and I had HOH together, and Kaysar came up to have a meeting, and I wasn't included in that.
Janelle: I had told you you were safe though.
Jase: I just didnt feel it.

Kaysar comes in.

Jase: If Marcellas was up here right now, I would be downstairs sewing my shirt.
Will and Boogie took me in, then threw me under the bus in order to keep the both of themselves in the house.
Jase: I've already admitted to Janelle that she would be the first of the 4 that I would go after.
James: What's the bottom line? Who would you go after if you won HOH in the next two weeks.
Jase: Who do you think (I should go after)?
Janelle: We don't care. You can go after anyone you want, as long as it's not us, until after the sequester period passes (2 more weeks).

Jase: Will and Boogie were just using me... hardcore. If I was to win HOH, I would look at Boogie as someone to take out.
Jase: There are 4 of you, so you are much more likely to win HOH than I am.

Janelle: Let's just make sure we're clear... We will be safe with you until sequester, and you will be safe with us until sequester...After that, you can put me up if you want to... or whatever.
Janelle: The thing is, you would have been 100% safe with us, until you went to ChillTown.
Jase: It's like I told you...I just wasn't included in your talks, so I didn't feel like a part of the group, and I didn't feel safe.


Anonymous Jessica said...

Great Job on this blog. Thanks Ya'll..
P.S. The footnotes are funny...
I'm still laughing at this one:

***Note to self: buy Jase a thesaurus. "Word

12:17 PM  

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