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Saturday, August 12, 2006

40 Days- Ovs 4

2:00am BBT
RED ROOM BED - Boogie and Erika
The Spoon-a-thon continues... now talking about Will.

Boogie: What I don't like is that Will worries about his relationship (with his gf). She would never judge Will because of a tv show.
Erika: It's good that he worries. It means he really cares.

Will comes in.

Erika: I was just defending you.
Will: Is it going to be awkward with me sleeping next to you two?
Boogie/Erika: Why?
Will: You know I'm afraid of falling out of bed, and I don't like waking up and not knowing where I am.

Will: I feel bad for Janelle. She obviously doesnt have James' support, and Howie is just an idiot and gets her all paranoid about nothing, so she doesn't really have any support in the house.
    ***I have to believe he's saying this for Erika's benefit, hoping it'll get back to Janie through the EBS, Erika Broadcast System.

Will: Howie asked me if I still hated everyone in the house. I was just like, is this guy kidding or is he for real?
Boogie: That was like two weeks ago.
Will: I know! That's what i'm talking about.

Will leaves to go to bed elsewhere.

Erika: George is completely useless.
    Pot, meet kettle.

Boogie: We have to get rid of Janelle. Who will you put up if you get HOH?
Erika: Janelle and Howie, of course.
Erika: I'm so pissed the HOH was taken away from me. I talked to Dr Zachary about it, and she made me feel better. Even Dr. Zachary said that it was not fair.
Erika: If you win PoV tomorrow, what are you going to do with it?
Boogie: I'm not sure... I'd love to be able to tell you I'll use it on you, but I'm going to have to talk to Janelle. I'm worried that if I use it to take you off, she might put Will up. It's all so risky.

Boogie: Can we just agree now that no matter what happens in the house, that we can start over fresh outside of the house, without dragging any of the baggage from the house with us?

Marci comes in and lays down on his couch.

Boogie: Marci, man, you were tearing up the kitchen.
Marci: Cleaning up after a bunch of white folks.

They joke around a little about the red room bed being jinxed, then decide sleep is their best option, to be alert for the veto comp tomorrow.

Boogie and Erika distanced themselves from each other upon Marci's entrance.

2:15am BBT
HOH Room - Janie and Howie

Janelle: The bottom line is that we have to get rid of Dani. Once she is gone, James will work with us.
Janelle: My blanket is awesome.
Howie:, get your light sabers and t-shirts.
Janelle: Do you really sell light sabers and t-shirts?
He says he does.
Janelle: You're such a nerd. Ashlea was on your site recently and told me that I had to check it out, because it was the funniest thing she had seen in her life. Howie: That is awesome.

Janelle goes into the HOH bathroom. Howie and Janie exchange a couple of Oh boys, and...

Howie: It would be ideal tomorrow if it was Erika, Dani, Will, Boogie, George, and me playing for veto.
Janelle: That would be perfect, because Will and Boogie wouldn't use it, because they could just say that they don't want the other one to be put up if they used it.

Janelle: Can you believe I won HoH last night?? That was awesome. Erika is so pissed.
Howie: James still didn't want to put Dani up, it pisses me off.
Janelle: It's because she is his parachute, don't worry about it.
    ***Worry about it, Janie.

Howie: They think they're playing us like we don't know it. Next time they try to ask me something stupid, I'm just going to tell them, "You're good actors, but not that good."
Janie: Lets go to sleep Howie.

Howie: The live feeders are probably watching us on night vision right now.
Janelle: Why? They can't even see us.
Howie: That's some people's hobby... to watch the feeds.
Janelle: At night though?
Howie says yeah.
Janelle: Why, though?
Howie: I don't know... probably for the same reason that we watch reruns of season 6 over and over again.
Janelle laughs.
Janelle: We are such nerds.

2:30am BBT
Howie: Did George straight out lie to Kaysar right to his face and swear on his family that he would give Kaysar his vote?
Janelle: Yep.
Howie: You cant do that, pull that crap. That makes his word mean nothing.
    ***I never saw George say that. I think Janie's just trying to do some damage control and eliminate all the parachuites at once.

Janelle: Did you hear about what happened in the backyard today?
Howie: No.
Janelle: There was a big fight in the backyard... about sleeping... between Marci and James, and James made Marci cry. Marci was out there saying that he knows that the game is rigged, and that the producers want me (Janelle) to win, so why don't they just "cut the bitch a check now?"
Howie: Were you out there?
Janelle: I was sleeping next to you. It was this morning.
Howie: Who told you about it?
Janelle: Will and Boogie.
Janelle: Marci was saying that he knows that I'm supposed to win, and this whole thing is set up to let me win, because I didn't win last year and that was why there were 4 people from season 6 put back into the house, and all the guys from season 6 were only here to protect me, so I can win the game.
Janelle: SO then James said, "What, so the fans didnt vote us in?" and then Marci went off and cried on Erika's shoulder.
Howie: Really crying?
Janelle says yes.

Howie: I didn't hear about that. Why didn't James tell us?
Janie: He did, a little bit, but he didn't go into detail.
Howie: James was acting weird today.
Janelle: What he was doing?
Howie: It was just a look on his face... I don't know, maybe he really didn't get enough sleep or something, it was just bizarre.
    ***Trust your gut, Howie.

Howie: Do you think James will pull something... like saying that he wants to vote for Dani to give her a sympathy vote?
Janelle: No, I think he'll vote her out.
    ***Oh, Janie.

Howie: Even if Erika goes, who does that leave for James...just Dani. Even if Dani stays, and James goes with her, they wont get very far with just the two of them.
    ***You're almost there Howie.. keep going with that thought...

Janelle agrees.

Howie: Now that I think about it, I did sort of call out Dani and James today... I told Dani that I knew that if the vote was a tie and she had to decide who left this week, she would save James.
Janelle: Did you really say that?
Howie: Yes.
Janie: What did Dani say?
Howie: She didn't really say anything, just kept telling me that I will see her DRs.
Howie: They weren't really mad about it, it was more just like they were surprised that I thought that.
Howie: When i was saying it, i was serious, but in my joking way, so that they didnt know how to take me.

Howie: Is Erika super pissed because you won the HoH?
Janie: Oh yeah.

Speculating on the Power of the Coup.
Howie: If you think about it, there is no way that Dani will be able to send you home before you can be the tie breaker to send her (Dani) home...
Janelle: Yeah, its kinda weird.
Howie: It's crazy.

They're losing steam... soon to sleep.

Howie: Tomorrow will be 40 days.
Janelle: Oh really?
Howie: Tomorrow's Saturday?
Janelle says it is.
Howie: 40 days then.

And that's the end of the overnights! All the HGs are sleepin' from that point on.


Anonymous ekmrf said...

Please tell me Erika is NOT seeing a head shrinker because she lost HOH. Please tell me I did not read that just now. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and click my fingers and delete that from my memory. Before I do so though, I must say Erika is quickly becoming the new James in the hate-ability category.



11:59 AM  

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