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Monday, August 21, 2006

8 dates

12:20 am - 2:30am BBT

12:20am BBT
Janie washing her face in the shower.

Will enters the bathroom.

Will: I'm gonna shower.

Dani & James
James is still complaining. Dani asks him to "try and behave."

BATHROOM - Will & Janie

12:25am BBT
Will is geting into the communal shower with Janie...


12:35am BBT
All Feeds on Dining Room - Dani & James
Dani: In the beginning of the season, if I had asked you to just let me go home, would you have?
James: Yes. If you were serious.

Dani: Do you think Janie knew about all the bad things Marci said about her? How was was throwing everyone under the bus?
James: She knew. She really didn't consider Marci her was all an act. Her crying after Howie left was fake ...she was just waiting for Will to come in and comfort her and then she'd perk right was all to get Will's attention and it worked.
James: I went along with it and gave tissues so I looked liked I cared.

12:45am BBT
Dani and James, cont'd.

Dani: Strategically, I think I have Will beat.

Now they move on to trashing Chicken George... saying that he's a liar and they think he did tell Kaysar that he swore on his kids not to vote him out.

BATHROOM - Janie and Will
They're out of the shower. Will's giving Janie skin care advice.

BACKYARD - James & Dani
They're saying how glad they are that they came into this game "not single," and they're wondering what Janie is doing, and then saying "who really cares."


1:00am BBT
James steps away for a moment, and Dani takes the opportunity to address the feeders directly, justifying her actions in the game, reminding us that this is only a game...

james rejoins her.

CHESS AREA - Will & Janie
Will and Janelle are playing chess...

Dani & James (cont'd)
They're discussing backdooring Janie as the only way to get rid of her.
James: Janie had no problem backdooring Jase and Diane, so she can't say she's been honest in her game play.
Dani: Tell Janie that I'm going after Erika now and not her... that we had our chance to go after each other and it didn't work out, and now we have to look at the bigger picture... and Erika needs to go, or she's gonna end up in the finals.

James revert to talking about Chicken George, and how he needs to go home.
Dani: Why do you dislike him so much?
James: He irritated me from day one. He just doesn't have a clue what he's doing, and he continues to mess things up.

FEEDS 3 & 4 are on Jani and Will playing chess, but they're too quiet!

James: Chicken George shoulda' gone home instead of Marci.
Dani: Chicken George called everyone out at that veto ceremony, when he explained to Janelle that everyone in the house wanted her out ...and he just couldn't do it...that's when I was done with him ..he had just ratted everybody out.

James: The only 2 people Chicken George was interested in keeping in this game were Erika and Janie.

Dani: It still hurts that he even thought about putting me up.

Janie & Will in Bed, separate beds.

Janie: My boyfriend is definitely the jealous type... he doesn't even like me to text message other guys.

Will: Goodnight, Janelle..
Janie: Goodnight, Will....
Will: You can talk more if you want...

Janie's not so sleepy so she goes on talking about her boyfriend's tattoos and his big build....

Will: I'm not so sure you're in love with him...
Janie: We've only dated like 8 times.
Jani: How old is your girlfriend?
Will: 32. That's the oldest woman I've ever dated. Before her, my dating rule was always, half my age, plus 10-15 years.

Janie: My boyfriend is 32.. He's the oldest I've ever dated, too.

They both hope they haven't been dumped.

Talk subsides, and Will falls asleep.

Janie gives up on sleeping, goes outside for a smoke and a bit of bible reading.


Anonymous ekmurf said...

James and Dani need psychiatric care.

10:01 AM  

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