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Thursday, August 17, 2006

After the Show

6:15-7:00pm BBT

6:15pm BBT
Howie is munching on chips.
George: I hardly knew what I was doing out there.
Janie: You were guessing?
George: No.
Janelle: I was very worried that Danielle would get the tie-breaker.

Janie, Will, and Howie go over the numbers and do the math.

Will: 6,000. George, you were off by thousands and thousands.
Howie: I knew you had it when I saw Dani's answer.

Chicken George is silent ... still stunned.

Janie: Why didn't Marci hug anyone?
Will: He was a hyprocrite, and he showed his true colors.
Janie: I thought he would at least want to say goodbye to me though.
Howie: He didn't say goodbye to you?
Janie: No, he did not.
Howie: Janie, you look as hot as hell. You working out?
Janie: No.
Howie: Your legs look awesome.
Janie: I've been eating chocolate ice cream and M&Ms.
Howie: I would devour you now.

Howie:(to Chicken George) You are owning this game, Georgie! You won one HOH and a Veto. I think I taught you too much, and now you'r going to strike me down.
George: Howie, you're a badass bitch
Howie: Eat something, George.
George: Are you sure I can?
Janie and Will assure George he can, but tell him to check with the Diary Room.

George: I wish they didn't do that so fast.

6:30pm BBT
Ant Room - Will, Janie, Howie
They say how surprised they were that James was nominated.
Will and Janelle were sure it would be them.
Will: Now we can bounce Erika.

Will: George winning isn't great, but it's acceptable.
Janie: James threw it. He got questions wrong on purpose.
Howie: If he wants to throw events, this will happen.
Will: James was wicked pissed.

Howie and Will sit on the bed and Janie walks out. James comes in...

Will: Erika asked George why she was nominated. George said that he owes Janelle and Howie, and now they aren't going up, even if Power of Veto is used.

Will advises Howie to not use POV.

James: We all fought to send Marcellas home this week, even though Janie didn't want it. We should tell him to put Janelle up, and if he doesn't, slop will be the best thing that happened to him.

Dani & George
George: I'll be able to explain it, and when I do, you will understand.
Dani: Are you planning to back door me?
George: No. That was never my plan.
George: Who is in the Weightroom?
Dani: Erika, James, and Boogie.
Dani: Be careful. You don't know who has that power, and you don't know what it was.
George: I didn't even want to win, and all of a sudden I'm HOH, and I can't believe it.

Janie joins them.

George: At least you guys get to see a season 1 picture.
Dani: That will be good.

George: I've been alone this whole game...

Janie: I think it's pretty cool that you won, Georgie.

BUG ROOM - Howie, James, Boogie, Janie
Howie: The double eviction week is a blessing for us.
James agrees. They want to get rid of Erika Sunday, and they love CG's putting her on block.
Howie: I think we've got the votes. And if James wins POV, I think we can get Chicken George to throw someone else up there against Erika that will guarantee she goes home.

James: I feel like I'm being asked to put my faith in Chilltown. No offense, but it's scary.
Janelle: I have to change.
James: No you don't. You look pretty.
Janelle: Yes, I do.

Howie: Only 2 people won't be playing for the veto. If you (James) end up there against Erika on eviction night, we're going to keep you. This past week everyone wanted to keep her, but that isn't so now.

Howie: We have to keep "them" on our side, bro.

Dani and Erika enter.
They're talking about how Marci was picked as the biggest whiner in BB7 House, instead of James.
James: I can't believe I was even in the mix.


Blogger Doctor Skeleton said...

I'm glad to hear that there is no backdoor plan for Howie or Janelle. (so far)

I hate James.

8:45 PM  

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