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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Erika & Boogie Update

Spamgirl says: "I've gotten word from one of Erika's family members that, as far as they know, Erika and Josh didn't break up in January and that Erika and Boogie were only friends before the show. They said they don't know 100%, though, as they don't really involve themselves in Erika's love life :)

According to the feeds, Josh dumped Erika in January before moving to Florida. That means that Erika and Boogie hooking up in March ("Just for the show", as Boogie says) is possible.

I haven't heard anything back from Josh yet about it, so I don't have confirmation. I can say that around Christmas, 2005, they were together, but that's the last time I talked to either of them about their relationship indepth."


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