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Friday, August 25, 2006

Bucking for AC

6:00pm BBT
HOH Room - Danielle & Erika
Bucking for America's Choice votes???
    *** you'll see what I mean.

Dani enters the HoH room, and she and Erika hug.
Erika: Was that ok?
Dani: No, you were perfect.
Dani: What did Janelle say?
Erika" "I understand why you did it." I look at her with those little doe eyes, and I feel so bad. I'm like, why am I here nominating her? I just can't break through that season 6 barrier...
Dani: She had people around her - Howie, Kaysar, Marcellas...
Dani: It's a game.
Erika: Now I just feel shitty.
Dani: You're feeling like I felt about Kaysar.
Erika: God, that just killed me, I can't believe I nominated Janelle.
Dani: She nominated you twice.
Erika: I feel guilty.

Chatter, then...

Dani: I love Chicken George, but he's just so loud, his laughter it just echos.

Erika keeps going on about how hard it was to nom Janelle, cause she likes her, she really really likes everyone... (puke)
Erika: I see your mind going whats up?
Dani: Chicken George, he makes me nervous.
Erika: You're not thinking about voting Chicken George out over Janelle?
Dani: No, no not at all.
Erika: It was the right choice to put her up, right?
Dani: What else are you going to do?
Erika: I don't want her to take it personally. I'm a huge fan I don't know if she gets that.
Dani: I told Janie that when she won the last POV that I was in awe.


Anonymous Caolin said...


Just found your site and I have to say I love how you keep us all up to date, almost minute by minute. Thank you so much!

I will comment more often now, wish I had found it earlier in the season.

7:08 PM  

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