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Friday, August 25, 2006

Will on Erika

2:30pm BBT
HoH ROOM - Erika & Will
He's still selling. Is she buying?
Will: If we go backwards, it's us in Final 3, then 4th is Chicken George... OK, what can you do? Do the best you can. I refuse to worry about it, cause Chilltown has the best chance statistically.
Will: Then um... we need to do a DR about Chilltown with us 3, we'll say we were asking for wine.
    ***pull those strings, Will.

Will: I did the funniest DR with Janie the other night. She was in her baywatch bathing suit, so I did a whole skit about that.
Erika: I was debating on wearing a Chilltown t-shirt to the nomination ceremony.
Will: No.. but do it to a DR session.
Erika: I was thinking about taking off my sweatshirt and it's a Chilltown shirt underneath.
Will: It's a little to much like Howie... (mimics him)"we have the numbers George"
Will: What would have been awesome is if we were sitting in the nomination chairs, and Boogie had used his power, and then Boogie goes "James and Janelle, you are nominated."

They chat a bit...

2:40pm BBT
Will: If Dani makes it to Final 2, she's gonna win.
Erika: You have got to win the next HOH.
Will: I feel like Boogie could even beat Janie in the Final 2.

Thy discuss how they think it would go with the jury votes.

Will: You could beat Janelle in the finals. You can't beat Dani in the finals.
    ***ok, sign me up. i am officially in the dr will fan club.
    way to support janie, will.

Will: This is the irony of the show: you could beat everyone here in the finals except Danielle.
Erika: That's how it was in my season with Jack.
Will: If Janelle wins the PoV, tell Dani, look, I don't want Chilltown mad, flip it on her and vote her out, then she'll be mad at Chilltown, instead of you.

Danielle comes up to HoH.
End of strategy session, for now...


Anonymous cindy said...

OMG Erika is really delusional if she thinks she can beat anybody in the Final 2, let alone Janelle. LOL!!

8:30 PM  

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