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Friday, August 25, 2006

Janie and George

2:50pm BBT
He's sleeping on the red couch, looking very satisfied after his big meal.

HOH ROOM - Dani & Erika
They're talking genially about Chicken George, saying how happy they are to see him eating real food.

comfortable silence... both are lost in thought

Dani: You don't think she's working with Chilltown, do you?
Erika: I don't know.

BATHROOM - Janie and George
George: You just need to put youself in Erika's shoes. Erika will do what is best for her, just like you would do what is best if you were HoH. I think it's gonna be you and me on the block this week.
    ***Gee, George.. why's that? Cuz Erika told you last night in the jacuzzi?

George: I think she wants me out.

Jani: I think I hold the Big Brother record for being nominated. I've been on the block nine times.
George: It's great how you fight back all nine times. You are bad to the bone, Janie. You're a tough competitor.
George: Whoever marries you better watch out!

George dissolves into a giggle fit.
Chatter.. then

Janie: Everyone wants me out of the house.
George: You're the best person in here. It's a great honor.

Janie: I'm telling her that if I win POV, I'm going to go after Chilltown.
George: That's up to you, but do you want to make waves with Chilltown?
Janie: (mutters something about Danielle)
George: ...if you look at it rationally, it's probably my turn. If you're sitting in that chair, you've got a 50-50 chance you're hitting the door. You know how fast things turn. You have to look at Erika's point of view, who nominated her? Me and you. PB baby, it's our turn. I don't know. Maybe she won't.
Janie: There's not any people left.

Janie: After today, this will be my 8th or 9th nomination - that's a BB record.

She counts it up...9 times

Janie: I don't think anyone can beat me, even if Erika got nominated every single time till the end. I 've got the record.
George: Now that's a record.

They high five.

Janie: Yeah, I'm scrappy.
George: How did you get so tough?
Janie: In Minnesota.
George: Did you play football?
Janie: No, I had 2 brothers.

George starts recounting the Texas holdem poker game the other night.

George: - You came in , and you didn't even know how to play, and you whooped everybody. You deserve to be here girl. Wow, when you go into that zone look out
Janie: Do you think the POV will be tough tomorrow? I'm worried the guys might win it, the guys are tough.
George: Its the girls that are tough, it's not the guys that you have to worry about... it's the girls. Whatever it is, you'll be fine.
Janie: I know, remember what I said last week, everyone is against me in the house, I take it personal.
George: You can't do that. you should feel honored.
Janie: I don't want to be the girl everyone fears.
George: It's not negative, though. It's positive, it's respect, you can do anything you want to do. Imagine you in real life, you're beautiful, smart, you know you could do anything you want, you could be a brain surgeon.
Janie: I don't want to do that.
George: Not everyone can do that but you have the package going on.
Janie: I do?
George: Oh yeah, you don't have that ditzy blonde thing going on, you're athletic.
Janie; You think I'm athletic?
George: You came in here with your own competition gloves. They're not for pulling daisies.
George: You have so many gifts to be thankful for.

Will calls out to George from the Kitchen
Will: Who are you talking to Chicken George?
George: Myself.
Both George and Janie are laughing.
BB: Janelle, please come to the Diary Room.

3:13pm BBT


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