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Friday, August 25, 2006

Snake Charmer Will

The Food Comp outcome:
Today - slop
Saturday - Meat and Alcohol
Sunday - Meat and Alcohol
Monday - Meat and Alcohol
Tuesday - Five Star Meal

Also, George got a 1 week slop pass! Pretty sure Dani gave it to him.

After the comp/lockdown/etc...

1:15pm BBT
BATHROOM - Will, Janie, Danielle, Erika
Will is in the shower on one side. Janelle just went into the other one.
Will: I'm buck naked in a room with 3 girls. This is nuts.
They all start singing.
Dani took all the towels.
Will:I have no problem with nudity... But if I'm going to be nude, then everyone should be.
Dani's giggling about the towel situation.
She relents and brings him one after Will says he'll get her back, he'll climb into her bed buck-ass naked one night.



GREEN BEDROOM - Will & Boogie - Private conversation
Boogie has an icepack on his knee...

Boogie: If Janie can get the PoV, then Dani may go up and out.
Boogie: We have to decide if we can lose Janie and go Kamikaze. Dani wont like "the big picture."
Will: It's better not to lose Janelle.
Boogie: I don't want to scare Erika off by being too bossy about who is going up. Boogie: I don't think in the next 3 hours I can get Erika NOT to put up Janelle.
Boogie: You win POV and save Janie.
Will: She should do it. It's cool that Janie and Erika are good for the banana bread. We need Dani to go, since she probably wants it all herself, she won't share.
Will: Erika is starting to think and ask awkward questions. We don't have her under control. You need to work Erika more.

2:00pm BBT
HOH ROOM - Will & Erika
Will's been up in the HoH with Erika working his magic for aboutthe past 15 minutes. He's trying to get Erika to not nominate Janie, and instead to get rid of Danielle first... then Janie. He's running all kinds of different scenarios by her., always assuring her he has her best interests at heart. He tells her about the 1 week truce that Danielle offered Janelle, and how now Danielle is alligned with everyone in the house except for Chicken George.

Will moves on to talk about the Final 3 comp with Boogie, Erika and himself, and how he will walk away from an endurance comp and go to sequester.

Then Will goes back to talking about Danielle and how he's concerned she will put up Chilltown. Erika doesn't think so. Erika believe Dani would put up Chicken George and Will, and she lets Will know that Dani has said that she wants Chicken George gone.

Will brings home the get rid of Dani idea with a reminder about how she will to anything to win for her family.

At 2:25, Will's stil up in HoH, trying to work his magic. The man could sell ice to eskimos. I wish him well.


Anonymous Stephen said...

You Go Will!

3:04 PM  
Blogger Doctor Skeleton said...

please oh please oh please.
Put Danielle up not Janelle!

My new favourite Will is his goodbye video to James. James totally bought all his bullshit he said in that video , he even seemed to get a little smitten over the doctor.

If anyone can talk Tranny Erika into not putting up Janie, it's Will.

3:36 PM  

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